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Varied Vases Watercoloured Gift Bag Tags

Varied Vases Watercoloured Gift Bag Tags

How about some quick and easy Varied Vases watercoloured gift bag tags?  Just like I do every Sunday, this project is a fast and fun one.   

Not a ton of supplies or techniques.  Just simple designs.  

So whether you’re just starting out or need a handmade item as you are running out the door, I give you all the measurements, design and my top tips to make it yourself! 

Take a peek at today’s design.

Stampin Up Varied Vases Watercolored Gift Bag Tags

Everyone needs cute gift bags for small gifts.  A gift card, some lip balm or hand cream, a pair of socks.  This one is lightweight, made with the Tea Room Specialty paper so there’s no extra bulk.

With all these pretty designs, it was hard for me to decide which one I should use!

Varied Vases Watercoloured Bag Tags

Not to mention a great deal.  With 24 12”x12” sheets in one package, this bag clocks in at only 40 cents! Pop on your own Varied Vases watercoloured gift bag tags, and you’ll have time to spare…and excited gift recipients too!

Stampin Up Varied Vases Watercolored Gift Bag Tags

OK, while this one’s maybe not quite a five-minute project, it IS speedy to put together.  What makes it quick and easy?

  • two step stamping with the pretty Varied Vases set
  • Aqua painters and stamp pads to watercolour
  • A punched banner edge
  • The gift bag punch board for our bag

Let’s make it!

Stampin Up Varied Vases Watercolored Gift Bag Tags


Varied Vases Watercolored Gift Bag Tags


  • Coastal Cabana card stock – 2” x 5 1/2”
  • Mango Melody card stock – 1 1/4” x 5 1/4”
  • Watercolour paper – 1 3/4” x 3 1/2”
  • Dotted tulle ribbon – piece your 12” long

Stampin Up Varied Vases Watercolored Gift Bag Tags


  1. Stamp vases and greeting in Memento ink onto watercolour paper.  TIP1:  Use your Stamparatus [if you want to make more than one] for perfect stamp placement.
  2. Pick up ink from the lid of your stamp pad and add a light wash of colour to the flowers and vases.  I used Mango Melody, Daffodil Delight, Poppy Parade and Coastal Cabana.  TIP2: No need to clean your Aqua painter when using the yellows and erd.  But do clean it by wiping onto a piece of paper towel before moving into the blue for the vase water.
  3. Insert one end of your cardstock pieces into the triple banner punch.  TIP3:  Turn your punch over to make sure your pieces are centred before punching out.
  4. Glue Mango Melody on top of Coastal Cabana, then glue watercolour paper on top.  TIP4: Use liquid glue to adhere for the best hold.
  5. Punch a hole with 1/8” hole punch on straight edge and insert ribbon.

Want to make the bag too?

  1. Cut Designer Series Paper to 6” x 12”
  2. Make bag according to instructions on your gift bag punch board
  3. Adhere together with Tear and Tape adhesive
  4. Add one gold library clip to hold the bag together and the tag on

So who needs a gift bag tag In your life right now?  Give this quick and cute one a try.  Here are all the supplies if you need anything.

I do really appreciate your shopping with me.  Thanks!😊

Stampin Up Varied Vases Watercolored Gift Bag Tags

Like quick and easy projects?  How about this five-minute watercoloured Christmas one?

Or a special occasion three-panel card?

There are so many different options for fast and fun projects you can get crafting today.  And when you do, this Varied Vases watercolored gift bag tags can be at the top of your list – think how fun you’ll have and how special the recipient will feel.

Make a Right Angle Fold Gift Card Holder | VIDEO

Make a Right Angle Fold Gift Card Holder | VIDEO

Make a right angle fold gift card holder with my new video.  Last week I shared this gift card holder I designed with the Tropical Escape designer series paper.  I was asked if I had a video for it and I thought, well, sure why not?  

But if you’re going to do a video, you might as well do something just a smidge different, right?  So here’s my updated birthday gift card holder made with the awesome Broadway Bound speciality designer paper. 

Can you take a guess where it’s different?  (If you can’t wait and need to know now, check out the video now😄)

New VIDEO to Make a Right Angle Fold Gift Card Holder

This paper is awesome!  Seeing as it has my latest, greatest, favourite colours, it was a must to grab a package.  Granny Apple Green, Lovely Lipstick, set off with Basic Black and Whisper White.   Cheerful, cute and perfect for just about anyone’s birthday…maybe even a guy?

But before we get to the video, here’s everything you’re going  to need if you’re going to follow along and make it with me.

I’ve got two more designs in the video you’re going to want to catch too.  So let’s get right to it.


Make a Right Angle Fold Gift Card Holder


Now, don’t you think it looks a lot more complicated than it actually is?  Which version did you like the best?

Here are the measurements so you can make your own:

  • Lovely Lipstick 1 full sheet 8 1/2” x 11” cardstock, scored at 4 1/4”, then turned 90 degrees and scored at 5 1/2”
  • Whisper White – 2 pieces 3 3/4” x 5”, 1 cut on the diagonal
  • Basic Black – 1 piece 4” x 5 1/4”
  • Broadway Bound Designer Series paper – 3 1/2” x 4 3/4”, cut on the diagonal

Happy Birthday Right Angle Fold Gift Card Holder


The Special Celebrations stamp set works fabulously with this paper.  It has a matched outside and inside greeting, something I really miss in some of our sets.  

right angle fold gift card holder


This one set covers so many different occasions.: baby, wedding, birthday, thank you, thinking of you and friend…  I predict it’s one you’ll use forever!


Who Wouldn't Want this Right Angle Fold Gift Card Holder


With this right angle fold gift card holder, don’t you love how that card fits in the pocket?  It has a bit of an unexpected orientation standing on its short edge.  But if you had a slightly smaller inside greeting, the card will easily fit the other way too and peek out to the left.


Quick & EASY to Make a Right Angle Fold Gift Card Holder


Well, now you’ve seen four different versions of this fun and quick right angle fold gift card holder, you’ve got lots of ideas to get started creating your own!

The Joy of Receiving a Card

The Joy of Receiving a Card

Have you recently experienced the joy of receiving a card?  Today I want to share with you one I received for my birthday from my friend Pat which made my day.

it's fun to share the joy of receiving a card

While I’m sure you’ll agree Pat’s card is beautiful, I’m not exactly sure what it was about that particular day I received it in the mail that made it extra special. 

I remember picking up the mail and ripping the envelope open before I even made it home!  (Do you do that too?)

It arrived a couple days after my birthday celebrations so it was a little unexpected maybe.  But I don’t remember feeling unwell or down in the dumps.  My hubby and I weren’t on the outs (which hardly ever happens anyway 😚),  I hadn’t just received any bad news.   My computer was working without any techy glitches 😋.

I think it’s just the fact she had taken the time to craft me a handmade card which made me feel special.  And I know she had also considered how I would really appreciate receiving one with this lovely Springtime Impressions die, a new item in the catalogue.

why not share the joy of receiving a card

And that made me think about how we say we’re too busy to get into our craft rooms.  And just why it’s important for us to carve out some time to do just that.  Not just for ourselves, but for others.

The Joy of Receiving a Card

You know, I’m very lucky.  I have lots of family and friends who take the time to send me cards. Many of them are handmade and all of them are beautiful.  Some come on special occasions like Pat’s did, and some come just from out of the blue.  

No matter when, how or why, every single time I receive a card, I get a little lift.  And I’ll bet the same thing happens when your friends and family get one from you.  After all, in our digital world, isn’t it great to receive a piece of mail that isn’t a bill?

share the joy of receiving a card


What do you think some of the joy of receiving a card is?


  • I’ll bet they smile as soon as they see your writing (and stamping) on the envelope.
  • Maybe they take extra care to open the flap so they can display the undamaged envelope on the mantle too.
  • They might laugh or gasp or ooooh or aaaah when they see your carefully chosen design.
  • Depending on the reason you sent the card, perhaps they wipe away a tear or two.
  • And they might immediately phone or text you to thank you for taking the time to think of them.

But the joy isn’t just for your card recipient.  Think of all the benefits you receive when you design and send a handmade card to someone special.

  • The fun you have picking out stamp sets, colours and papers with them in mind.
  • How you lose yourself in the creative design process and time just flies.
  • Your anticipation of their reaction when they see a pretty envelope in the mail and open the flap.
  • The warm-your-heart feeling you experience when they share your card with others.
  • The little glow you feel when they connect with you and share a quick – or long – thank you or catch-up conversation.

In the words of the Mastercard commercial, that’s priceless.

Time to get creative

Even if your stamps and paper are buried under mounds of other “stuff”, run to your nearest card store and find a greeting perfect for someone who might need a little lift.

And if your supplies aren’t buried, check out this other Springtime Impressions butterfly card or this make-it-in 5 patterned paper design for some fast and fun inspiration.

give someone the joy of receiving a card

In our busy lives, we often are too focused on the next thing we HAVE TO DO.  Sadly, our HAVE TO DO’s usually don’t include making  (or buying) and sending a card to a loved one. 

Why not take a few minutes today to get out your stamps and paper, craft some simple cards and get them into the mail?  (Re) connect with your buddies.  Let your friends and family experience the joy of receiving a card – at the same time you get the awesome benefits of sending a card.



How to Match Embossing Folders and Framelits

How to Match Embossing Folders and Framelits

I thought it might be fun to show you how to match embossing folders and framelits for your paper crafting.  Because if you’re like me, you might be a bit of a dry embossing fiend, yet sometimes wonder how to match ‘em up to make awesome designs. 

Read on for some of my top tips.

how to match embossing folders and framelits

I combined the Quilt Top embossing folder with the Stitched Labels and Springtime Impressions flower thinlits.  In case you think those three might’ve seemed like a bit of a no-brainer, you might be surprised about my steps on how to match embossing folders and framelits. 😉

How to match Embossing Folders and Framelits

Pull out your embossing folders and give them a good look.  Then ask yourself these questions.

  1. What’s the first thing you notice about the impression?  Is it an all over pattern or concentrated in one place and open in another?  Is it more of a background pattern or more of an image or picture?
  2. Does it have a theme? (Like Hallowe’en or Easter or maybe Asian-inspired or kids birthday)
  3. Could it be a stand-alone image (like a wreath or snowflake or heart?)
  4. What are the main shapes you see in it?  Circles?  Squares? Petals? Leaves?

how to match embossing folders and framelits


For example, in the Quilt Top folder here’s what I noticed.

  • three different shapes: round-ish, diamond-ish and petal-ish
  • An interlocking, all-over pattern
  • Dotted curved lines or stitching lines
  • Strips of patterns – I could cut out vertical or horizontal lines of patterns

Next, take a closer look at your thinlits and framelits you want to use and consider the following.

  1. What is the shape you see first?  Is there only one shape or are there multiple ones?  Does it match with any of the shapes you noticed in the embossing folder?
  2. Does your die only cut out shapes or are there detailed designs included?  (TIP1: Thinlits tend to lean more this way than framelits.)
  3. Do any of the details coordinate with the things you picked out in embossing folder?


how to match embossing folders and framelits

For example here’s why I thought both the Stitched Label and Springtime Impressions flower thinlits were a good match for the Quilt Top embossing folder.

  • Stitching lines to match the embossed stitches (probably the most obvious one)
  • Petal shape cut-outs on the large label
  • A large enough label shape that wouldn’t get lost on the all-over background of the embossed card
  • A border pattern on the label with circular edges to match the shape of the embossed impression
  • Petals on the flower thinlit to coordinate with the “petal” shape on the folder

 Take another peek.  How do you think it works together?

how to match embossing folders and framelits

Some of the other details on my card?


how to match embossing folders and framelits


  • All-over embossed impression on the front of the card, not on a panel adhered to the card. (TIP2: open your card after scoring and place inside the folder, extending the back out the end of the folder.  Run through the Big Shot.)
  • A mix of soft colours: Highland Heather, Powder Pink and Pear Pizzazz.
  • An off-centre arrangement of my stamped focal point for added interest.
  • Popped up label and flowers.
  • Inside greeting to match with a third pink petal.


how to match embossing folders and framelits


But even though those were my thoughts as I was designing this card, I can do more with the Quilt Top folder and punches too.  For example, I thought the curved lines in the embossed background mimicked the sway of bells ringing for these cute Christmas table favours. 

Don’t limit yourself!  Make sure you try out all your different tools and supplies AND ideas for great results.

So go take a look at what embossing folders and dies you have in your own supplies and see how to make your creations stand out.  And if you’d like to make a card just like mine, here is everything I used.  I really appreciate when you shop with me.

how to match embossing folders and framelits

What is going to be your first die and embossing folder you’re going to pair?  Here are a few of my other faves you might like to try:

  • Sparkle and Eastern Medallions Thilnits
  • Layered Leaves and Nature’s Roots Framelits
  • Seaside Embossing folder and Swirly Scribbles Thinlits
  • Striped Scallops and Seasonal Layers Thinlits

I’d love to see what other combinations you design with.  And be sure to send me a pic now you know how to match embossing folders and framelits.


Quick and Easy Leaf Print Greeting Cards

Quick and Easy Leaf Print Greeting Cards

I’m cheating with my quick and easy leaf print greeting cards for today’s project!  (whew!  I feel better now I’ve come clean…😚)  But I don’t feel toooo bad about cheating. 

Wanna know why?

  • It saved me a ton of time (maybe even hours!)
  • I got to play with my beautiful Nature’s Poem designer series paper (which you can get FREE right now!)
  • I experimented with a colour combination I’m pretty sure I never would’ve even tried

And guess what?  I want YOU to cheat too and make a card just like this guy with YOUR patterned papers!

quick and easy leaf print greeting cards

So let’s get to the nitty-gritty.  How exactly do I want you to cheat?  

Let’s not go gather leaves and let them sit in a solution to turn them into little skeletons. Don’t mix up the paper pulp and run it through screens.  And I especially don’t want you waiting hours for it to dry.  In fact, I don’t even want you to grab your inks and create your own background paper today.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Making your own paper – and backgrounds – is fun and rewarding, not to mention environmentally friendly.  But it could also be a teensy bit time-consuming.  That’s where patterned paper comes to your rescue! 

Quick and easy leaf print greeting cards go together so quickly when you have a nice package of paper like this one just begging to be used!

quick and easy leaf print greeting cards

There’s a wonderful mix of colours in the Nature’s Poem selection.  And this one I’m pretty sure I never would’ve tried.  What do you think?quick and easy leaf print greeting cards The three colours in the leaf print paper are Petal Pink, Grapefruit Grove and Blackberry Bliss.  And while I think of fall when I look at some of the sheets, I’m planning to use this card right now for a male (yes, despite the “pink”).  I don’t think it screams feminine at you does it?  After all leaves work for just about anybody, anytime, any occasion! 

Take another peek.

quick and easy leaf print greeting cards

And the bonus for you?  You can choose this package (or maybe another one from a selection of 10) absolutely FREE right now when you order three others.  

This is my favourite sale!  I stock up on my designer series paper for the whole year!  Check out Stampin’ Up!’s video to see all the ones you could choose from.


Quick and Easy Leaf Print Greeting Cards

What else do I have going on with this card?

quick and easy leaf print greeting cards

  • Two punched leaves with the Leaf Punch peeking out from the tag sentiment, one gold foil and one Blackberry Bliss
  • A simple and generic calligraphic greeting from the Painted Glass stamp set (don’t you love blackletter handwriting?) punched with the Everyday Label punch
  • Lovely gold metallic-edged vanilla ribbon which catches the light
  • Three simple little faceted Blackberry Bliss dots

So now it’s time to get you started cheating!  Stock up on your designer series paper.  This sale is half over!

quick and easy leaf print greeting cards

Looking for other ideas that are quick and easy and use up some of your safely-stored-away patterned paper?  This Christmas one is fast and this pretty floral notecard goes together in a flash too.  What a great way to double down on your crafting time.

So save yourself a ton of time, grab some Nature’s Poem paper during our Buy 3 Get 1 FREE sale and try out a colour combination you might never have thought of!  You’ll be glad you did when you can cheat at creating quick and easy leaf print greeting cards.


are your craft tools lonely

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