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Is It Too Early for Christmas?

Is It Too Early for Christmas?

A friend asked me the other day “Is it too early for Christmas?  Now admittedly, the snow falling outside our window might have had something to do with that question (yup, September 13th 🙁), but it did get me thinking. 

When we hand make gifts, cards and other holiday items, I’m pretty sure it’s NEVER too early to get started on our crafting. 

After all, we all make our handmade crafting list a mile long, right?  So in that case, how about a SUPER simple and inexpensive card idea with REALLY minimal supplies?  One like this?

Is It Too EARLY for Christmas?

Classy embossed elegance like this that takes less than 10 minutes to put together (even INCLUDING the bow with my quick video)? YES, count me in!

You already know I LOVE the look of dry embossing.  It’s got so much going for it.

  • Quick – about 10 seconds to run through your Big Shot
  • Inexpensive – use your embossing folders over and over again, on all kinds of paper like this Very Vanilla card stock
  • Easy – once you’ve done one, it’s just like riding a bike
  • Beautiful – understated and gorgeous designs
  • Versatile – use it as the main focus like this, the background or for little accents


Is It Too EARLY for Christmas?

Is It Too Early for Christmas?



  • Cherry Cobbler cardsock – 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, scored at 4 1/4”
  • Very Vanilla card stock – 4” x 5 1/4”
  • Gold metallic edge ribbon – about 10”


Is It Too EARLY for Christmas?


  1. Emboss greeting with Versamark ink on the bottom of the Very Vanilla cardstock.  Sprinkle with gold embossing powder and heat. (TIP1: If you’re making multiples, use the Stamparatus to get exact placement each time.)
  2. Insert Very Vanilla cardstock into Seasonal Wreath embossing folder and run through Big Shot. (TIP2: Use only one standard cutting pad for this Dynamic Textured EF.)
  3. Glue to folded front of Cherry Cobbler card base.
  4. Make a bow and attach with a mini glue dot on the bottom right.  (TIP3: see how easy they are to make with my super quick video.)
  5. Decorate the wreath with gold metallic pearls. (TIP4: I added them everywhere a small sprig was coming out of the wreath which gave a nice random effect.)

This card is economical too, coming in at just under 70 cents.  Add in the envelope and you’ve got a gorgeous handmade greeting for under a buck. No way you’re going to find anything as pretty at the dreary old dollar store!

Plus think of the fun you’ll have getting creative in your craft room! 👍

OK, don’t wait.  Let’s get you all outfitted to make this card yourself now before you add anything more to your holiday hand crafting list!  Here are all the supplies.


Is It Too EARLY for Christmas?

Once you try this one out, you might like to give this simple snowy card a try too – EVEN quicker than this one!

Dry embossing is a sure-fire way to make beautiful cards quickly and easily.  And when we overdo it with our holiday handcrafting TO Do Lists, they’re the ideal answer.  

So I ask you, exactly WHEN is it too early for Christmas?

How to Match Embossing Folders and Framelits

How to Match Embossing Folders and Framelits

I thought it might be fun to show you how to match embossing folders and framelits for your paper crafting.  Because if you’re like me, you might be a bit of a dry embossing fiend, yet sometimes wonder how to match ‘em up to make awesome designs. 

Read on for some of my top tips.

how to match embossing folders and framelits

I combined the Quilt Top embossing folder with the Stitched Labels and Springtime Impressions flower thinlits.  In case you think those three might’ve seemed like a bit of a no-brainer, you might be surprised about my steps on how to match embossing folders and framelits. 😉

How to match Embossing Folders and Framelits

Pull out your embossing folders and give them a good look.  Then ask yourself these questions.

  1. What’s the first thing you notice about the impression?  Is it an all over pattern or concentrated in one place and open in another?  Is it more of a background pattern or more of an image or picture?
  2. Does it have a theme? (Like Hallowe’en or Easter or maybe Asian-inspired or kids birthday)
  3. Could it be a stand-alone image (like a wreath or snowflake or heart?)
  4. What are the main shapes you see in it?  Circles?  Squares? Petals? Leaves?

how to match embossing folders and framelits


For example, in the Quilt Top folder here’s what I noticed.

  • three different shapes: round-ish, diamond-ish and petal-ish
  • An interlocking, all-over pattern
  • Dotted curved lines or stitching lines
  • Strips of patterns – I could cut out vertical or horizontal lines of patterns

Next, take a closer look at your thinlits and framelits you want to use and consider the following.

  1. What is the shape you see first?  Is there only one shape or are there multiple ones?  Does it match with any of the shapes you noticed in the embossing folder?
  2. Does your die only cut out shapes or are there detailed designs included?  (TIP1: Thinlits tend to lean more this way than framelits.)
  3. Do any of the details coordinate with the things you picked out in embossing folder?


how to match embossing folders and framelits

For example here’s why I thought both the Stitched Label and Springtime Impressions flower thinlits were a good match for the Quilt Top embossing folder.

  • Stitching lines to match the embossed stitches (probably the most obvious one)
  • Petal shape cut-outs on the large label
  • A large enough label shape that wouldn’t get lost on the all-over background of the embossed card
  • A border pattern on the label with circular edges to match the shape of the embossed impression
  • Petals on the flower thinlit to coordinate with the “petal” shape on the folder

 Take another peek.  How do you think it works together?

how to match embossing folders and framelits

Some of the other details on my card?


how to match embossing folders and framelits


  • All-over embossed impression on the front of the card, not on a panel adhered to the card. (TIP2: open your card after scoring and place inside the folder, extending the back out the end of the folder.  Run through the Big Shot.)
  • A mix of soft colours: Highland Heather, Powder Pink and Pear Pizzazz.
  • An off-centre arrangement of my stamped focal point for added interest.
  • Popped up label and flowers.
  • Inside greeting to match with a third pink petal.


how to match embossing folders and framelits


But even though those were my thoughts as I was designing this card, I can do more with the Quilt Top folder and punches too.  For example, I thought the curved lines in the embossed background mimicked the sway of bells ringing for these cute Christmas table favours. 

Don’t limit yourself!  Make sure you try out all your different tools and supplies AND ideas for great results.

So go take a look at what embossing folders and dies you have in your own supplies and see how to make your creations stand out.  And if you’d like to make a card just like mine, here is everything I used.  I really appreciate when you shop with me.

how to match embossing folders and framelits

What is going to be your first die and embossing folder you’re going to pair?  Here are a few of my other faves you might like to try:

  • Sparkle and Eastern Medallions Thilnits
  • Layered Leaves and Nature’s Roots Framelits
  • Seaside Embossing folder and Swirly Scribbles Thinlits
  • Striped Scallops and Seasonal Layers Thinlits

I’d love to see what other combinations you design with.  And be sure to send me a pic now you know how to match embossing folders and framelits.


DIY Linen Finish Cardstock with the Subtle Dynamic Textured Impressions Embossing Folder

DIY Linen Finish Cardstock with the Subtle Dynamic Textured Impressions Embossing Folder

Today I want to show you how easy DIY linen finish cardstock with the Subtle dynamic textured impressions embossing folder is to make yourself.  

But first, how would you answer these three questions?

  1. Is texture on your card projects a MUST-HAVE? 
  2. Do you love using linen finish cardstock in your paper crafting?
  3. Are your textured impressions embossing folders and your Big Shot your best friends?

If you answered “YES” to even ONE of those questions, then you’re going to want to see how this simple little embossing folder needs to be on your next order!

DIY linen finish cardstock in all the Stampin Up colours

Do you remember, years ago, Stampin’ Up! sold linen textured paper?  I still have some in my stash of craft supplies (I suspect like many of you).  I love the look and feel of it but I’ve been hesitant to use it because you couldn’t get any more.  (Can anyone else relate to this?)

But now, I can use up all those delicious papers I’ve been quietly hoarding – ahem, ageing –  for the perfect card project.  Why?  Because now I can create DIY linen finish cardstock in every single colour of paper in the Stampin’ Up! line-up!  How cool is that?

DIY linen finish cardstock in all the Stampin Up colours


You may have totally passed by this embossing folder on page 223 of the Annual Catalogue.  At first, I did too.  After all, you can’t really tell what it looks like in the photo…AND there are so many other “gotta have” items in this catalogue!

But I’m such an embossing folder fan, if there’s a new one out there, it somehow finds its way onto my order lickety-split.  

And sad to say…it did sit around for a little bit since I had SO much other great stuff to show you.  Then curiosity got the better of me and I ran my unassuming piece of Highland Heather cardstock through it.  And WOW!!!  It’s now my FAVE folder, just like that!


DIY Linen Finish Cardstock with the Subtle Dynamic Textured Impressions Embossing Folder


Let me show you how easy it is to make.

And this is how you need to set up your Big Shot and cutting pad – note you only use ONE – for the Dynamic textured impressions embossing folders:

DIY linen finish cardstock

This is what my stitched oval looks like after one swipe through the Big Shot.

DIY linen finish cardstock in all the Stampin Up colours

Then, give your oval a 90-degree turn in the Subtle embossing folder and run it through the Big Shot again.  This is what it will look like now!

DIY linen finish cardstock in all the Stampin Up colours

Aren’t they BOTH fabulous?  Leave me a comment about which one is your favourite.  Swipe 1 or Swipe 2.

I could go a bit nutty running all my paper through this Subtle dynamic textured impressions embossing folder!  Suffice to say, you’ll probably see a lot more of this linen finish cardstock in my future designs.

DIY linen finish cardstock in all the Stampin Up colours


A couple other tips for this sweet and simple card?

  • I used the LARGEST plain oval to cut the window from my card.  
  • At the same time, I nested the  THIRD largest oval inside to cut the smaller oval I stamped on. (Some might call that laziness – I call it efficient😄!)
  • Close your card first then adhere your scalloped circle centred inside the oval for perfect placement.
  • My Whisper White dotted tulle ribbon is just tied around the narrowest part of the right-hand side of the card.

Now it’s up to you!  Get your Subtle dynamic textured impressions embossing folder here and get busy with DIY linen finish cardstock.

What colour paper will YOU start with first?

Let's make DIY linen finish cardstock in all the Stampin Up colours!

I’m a sucker for texture of any kind on a card.  That’s what I love so much about embossing folders.  It just invites you to come closer and feel it.  (I have been known to run my hand over cards I receive before I even read the message😋).  If you have a passion for texture too, you’ll love these layered leaves and woodgrain dragonflies too.

And now I can make DIY linen finish cardstock with the Subtle dynamic textured impressions embossing folder in every single Stampin’ Up! colour,  it’s shot to the top of my favourite new tool list!

Use a Big Shot for Cardmaking

Use a Big Shot for Cardmaking

Today we’re going to use a Big Shot for cardmaking, in MORE than one way!  

Who LOVES to get more mileage out of the stamp supplies they already own?  (Imagine me jumping up and down right now, saying “Pick me, pick ME!”) Well, all it takes is looking at them from just a slightly different angle. 

Let’s see if you can tell where I’ve used the Big Shot on this simple Varied Vases thank you card.

use a big shot for card making

Well, one is pretty obvious, isn’t it?  The Grapefruit Grove (which is just a delicious colour by the way😉!) scalloped oval which is framing the Whisper White oval. 

Did you see the second way I used it?  Will a close-up help?

use a big shot for card making

How about that texture on the vase?  It’s embossed first with the Quilt Top embossing folder, THEN punched with the Vase Builder punch. 

So not only do you get a pretty decorated vase, it draws your card recipient in, and I bet they’ll reach right out and touch their special gift from you. I used this same kind of idea on these adorable little Hershey kiss holders.

Yes, I could have used just a plain old Basic Black vase, but how HO HUM is that?  And even though it’s spiced up with the sweet silver and white baker’s twine bow, I wanted to add a little something extra, something a bit unexpected.  And it takes only a few extra seconds to add this unique touch. 

Let me tell you how with some of my TIPS for professional looking results.


How to Use a Big Shot for Cardmaking

  1. Stamp your words and two-step flower in Memento Tuxedo Black and Grapefruit Grove ink. (TIP1: The solid images in this set are a PERFECT fit under the outline stamp but I find I do my outline image first and then my solid inside.)
  2. Place the second largest oval centred over the top of the image and run through the Big Shot.  (TIP2:  Add a piece of washi tape to hold in place if you are worried about it moving.)
  3. Put a small piece of Basic Black in the Quilt Top embossing folder and run through the Big Shot. (TIP3:  I like to centre mine so my decorative embossed images are square on the page.)
  4. Punch out the tallest vase with the Vase Builder punch and adhere over top of the flower stems with two dimensionals. (TIP4:  If you use a piece of paper that is about 1 3/4″ x 3″ you should be able to get away without wasting too much paper by fitting it into the punch with each end extending out the side.)

use a big shot for card making

I was talking with a friend at my Varied Vases class this morning and she said the Big Shot is where it’s at for her.  It just makes card making so much easier, and professional looking.  

I totally agree.  In fact, I would venture to say it’s become a paper crafting must-have. I absolutely adore it for dry embossing.  And with all the stamps with matching framelits and thinlits, there are not too many cards I send out my door where I haven’t used the Big Shot in some way.  

But now it’s up to you!  Pull out your Big Shot and your punches and see what designs you can create. 

And if you can’t live without this super sweet Varied Vases bundle, you can get it right here simply by clicking on the image below.  Then you’re going to want to take my Varied Vases Online Class to get you going with four fabulous projects, each with its own technique.  (Psst.  Until June 28th, save $5 off the cost!)

use a big shot for card making

I’m all for getting more life from my crafting supplies.  And I want you to do the same.  Fall in love with your Big Shot and see how it can make your paper crafted designs jump off the page.  

Whether you like simple and pretty, like this card or more elaborate like in this watercoloured collage card, when you use a Big Shot for cardmaking, your designs will get standing ovations! 

Elegant Handmade Wedding Anniversary Cards

Elegant Handmade Wedding Anniversary Cards

Today I’m so excited to be sharing elegant handmade wedding anniversary cards designed by my friend and team member Paula.  These gorgeous Best Wishes cards feature the Petal Passion Suite from the Occasions catalogue and if you’ve not paid attention because you’re not a scrapbooker, take a second look.  Really,  look at just how spectacular a Memories & More card can be!  

handmade wedding anniversary cards

In case you didn’t run to grab your Occasions catalogue, take a peek at the entire card pack featuring the always popular Basic Black, Powder Pink and White palette.  

handmade wedding anniversary cards


And are you ready for the BEST part?  You get all of this for ONLY $12.50! 

Maybe even better?  The pack will make more than 72 cards.  That’s a stellar deal!  It’s perfect for both quick and easy card making or more involved designs like Paula’s!  (And you’re not going to want to miss another fantastic idea made by my friend Rhonda below.)

But you better hurry since it’s on the Occasions retiring list and once it’s gone, it’s gone for good!

Let’s get back to Paula’s card…

I’m not sure there’s anything more sophisticated than a gray and black monochromatic colour scheme on a card.  (I guess technically these aren’t really colours are they but non-colours?!😁) 

Whatever you choose to call them, they are simply beautiful together.  Especially when they’re used to celebrate such a wonderful event. 

And don’t limit yourself to only wedding anniversary, what about a wedding itself?  Or maybe a congratulations for reaching a challenging milestone?  Or even a birthday for a really special someone.  The possibilities are endless with these “colours” and this pretty design. 

Let’s take another look.

handmade wedding anniversary cards

Elegant Handmade Wedding Anniversary Cards

Although Paula lots of elements on her card, everything works together beautifully for a few key reasons:

  • She’s limited herself to one main colour scheme (monochromatic grey running from white through to black)
  • Her pretty Petal Pair embossing folder in embossed on vellum cardstock which instantly creates a white on light look which adds interest yet blends into the background
  • She’s chosen an off-centred layout for the focal point Memories & More card to draw the eye immediately to the words
  • The delicate silver foil branch and flower beautifully accentuate, without overpowering the rest of the card


handmade wedding anniversary cards


Memories & More Card Pack Ideas

Have you had fun playing with a Memories & More card pack yet?  If you have, you know there are so many ways to use it:

  • Traditional (and fast and easy) scrapbooking
  • Card making
  • Home decor (think wall hangings or desk top pics)
  • Gift items (framed photos)
  • Book making (now you get to check out Rhonda’s cool multi-fold out book)

handmade wedding anniversary cards

handmade wedding anniversary cards

Isn’t it over-the-top fabulous!  Rhonda loves bookmaking (as you can see) and she put her Petal Passion Memories & More Card Pack to use right away designing this lovely book.

No matter what you choose to create, I think one of the best deals in any catalogue is a Memories & More Card Pack.  Get yours – and all the rest of the supplies to make Paula’s elegant card right here!

handmade wedding anniversary cards

You might also want to get your pretty on with this other idea for an elegant wedding card.

Memories & More Card Packs are not just for scrapbooking.  As Paula demonstrates, they’re awesome for card making too!  Grab your Petal Passion one and CASE (Copy And Share Everything) Paula’s elegant handmade wedding anniversary cards today! 

are your craft tools lonely

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