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It’s a year of change in our paper crafting world so let’s talk about the 2018 Stampin Up stamp pad revamp!  It’s just been announced and I want to SHOW YOU exactly what the new 2018 Stampin Up stamp pad is all about with my short video!   Take a peek.

So what do you think?   Lots of great changes to make stamping and paper crafting easier for us.  Here they are in a nut shell:

Stamp pad case

  • case changed as Stampin’ Up!’s mold was about to expire and they decided to improve the design (bonus!)
  • change is timed to coincide with the 2018 Stampin Up colour revamp (so we only need to invest in new pads once – thanks SU!)
  • easier to open (so no shooting them across the table, which, YES, I have been known to do occasionally!😜)
  • tighter fit between lid and base (so the lid doesn’t accidentally become disengaged anymore)
  • stackable (so it takes up less space and is easier to transport)
  • bigger colour swatch on top (to quickly identify the colour)
  • colour stickers to add to the end of each case and ***NEW*** to the inside (so you don’t stamp one colour into another by accident anymore!)

Ink Refill: New formula with defoamer to:

  • reduce ink bubbles
  • ink the stamp pad easier
  • get a smooth application on your stamp

Some questions you might have about the 2018 Stampin Up Stamp Pad

Can I continue to use my old ink refills on new pads I purchase?  Yes, except for Archival Black and Gray.  (Basic Black is retiring.  Basic Gray is returning as a Classic ink colour so DO NOT use the OLD refill on a NEW pad.)

Will the new case fit in the Colour Caddy?  Yes they will fit, just not as tightly.  If you spin it around too quickly, they might come out!  (SU! Is working on a new caddy…stay tuned for more info when it’s available!)

Can I still use them to create a pool of colour to watercolour?  Absolutely!  I found I had to press just a little harder, but I also felt I wasn’t going to damage the case when I did so (I was always a bit nervous about this with our current ones).

2018 stampin up stamp pad

I’ve had a chance to play with this new design and so far I’m impressed.  (Once you get out of the habit of trying to open them the OLD way, they really are easier.)  My favourite parts?

  1. I like that they just close with a little snap.
  2. And I love that they stack.  More room and no worries about them falling into my stamping work space (which gets smaller and smaller and smaller as I’m stamping! Does that happen to you too?)
  3. I LOVE the little inside sticker to tell me if I’m ABOUT to stamp into the wrong colour!

Now, what does this mean for YOU?  Maybe not as much as you might think…

  • your refills are going to change but you can still use them in your old pads
  • your old refills will work in the new pads when you purchase them
  • your old stamp pads are still perfectly good and will last for years when you continue to re-ink when they are dry

However, if you ARE thinking about investing in stamp pads, take some time to consider if you want to wait for the new and improved come June 1st (with a chance to try them out in May with the upcoming Share What You Love bundles).  For instance, I AM going to purchase the NEW colours from the revamp (did you see my blog post?) but for the continuing ones, I’m going to replace my old pads as they become worn out.

But whichever you decide, overall, I think you’re going to really enjoy the new 2018 Stamps Up stamp pads – I’ll be interested to see what you think when you try them for yourself!

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