Yes, you could learn how to brush letter a fun greeting for Groundhog Day! A Stampin’ Write marker, some paper about an hour and my online Brush Marker Lettering class are all you need to get started.

If you live in the North America, especially north of the 49th parallel like me, you totally “get” the hype around this day! If you’ve never had the pleasure of snow shoveling and snowsuits, you will love our cross-country groundhog mascots.

They poke out their noses today and if they see their shadow, high-tail it right back into their den. That’s not good news. It means we have another SIX WEEKS of winter. If he’s shadowless, you’ll see us smiling big. Spring is on its way!

Brush Letter a Fun Greeting for Groundhog Day!

Yes You CAN Brush Letter Too!

If you LOVE the look of this lettering, but think it’s not your “thing”, I think you might be surprised. I’ve broken down the letters into simple steps and strokes and taught loads of folks this trendy style. Many say they’re shocked how they can make such pretty letters so quickly!

Wondering how you would use it? How about card making! And home decor! Or gift giving?

Click this link and you can be lettering just like this in no time!

Learn Brush Marker Lettering Now

The Gang’s All Meer for Groundhog Day Greetings

Here’s a close-up of that bunch of cool cats from the Gang’s All Meer set. I watercoloured them with my Neutrals Stampin’ Write markers and Aqua Painter.

It’s hard to decide which one is the cutest! It’s free during Sale-a-bration with a $60 order. It’s one you can get a lot of use from! Here’s a bday card for the guys you might like too.

Think how sweet this one stamp would be as the centrepiece on a card, topped off with your own hand lettering. 😉Everything you need to make one at home is right here.

Brush Letter a Fun Greeting for Groundhog Day

Think it’s more winter for 2020?

By the time you read this, likely the future will already have been foretold. Did our groundhog gurus predict more winter? Or will we be pulling out the rubber boots for the spring thaw?

Whichever the predication was, you can STILL be lettering like this by spring! Don’t put it off! Get your class today!

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