Have you tried to brush letter on Brusho Crystal Colour backgrounds yet? Don’t know how to brush letter?

Maybe you didn’t know I have a complete beginner brush lettering online class so you can learn at home no matter where you live? My comprehensive set of videos and pdfs are all you need to get started.

I have three totally different designs for you today using different Brusho colours to create both gorgeous light and airy and intense, vibrant backgrounds. Then I pulled out my inexpensive Basic Black Stampin’ Write marker to create little piece of art.

Let’s take a peek at my first one.

Learn How to Brush Letter on Brusho Crystal Colour Backgrounds

Isn’t this just perfect for this time of year? It reminded me of rain on glass which we get a LOT of about now.

You know, there’s really very few supplies to make this lovely piece of home decor.

Brush Letter on Brusho Crystal Colour Backgrounds

Now, you’re going to want to make sure you pick up your Brusho Crystal Colours right away. As of Jun 3rd this year, they are no longer being carried by Stampin’ Up!

And if you think 5 isn’t nearly enough colour variation, in my second project below I show you how you can get some different colours just by mixing these ones together. Read on…

Make a Brusho Crystal Colour Background

I love the little dots of more intense colours mixed in the background on my spring showers table topper. My two colours of Brusho are a light sprinkling of Yellow and Prussian Blue. I tapped them onto a dry piece of watercolour paper and gave them a liberal spritzing with my Stampin’ Spritzer.

I’ve got a few of my best TIPS down below…

Then I left them to dry – the hardest part! And when they were good and dry, I brush lettered my “showers” and used the bullet tip end to write the rest of my quote.

DIY Home Decor: Brush Letter on Brusho Crystal Colour Backgrounds with Stampin Write Markers

Learn to Brush Letter at Home

The bold black of the brush letters really captures your attention don’t you think? And yes, YOU can learn how to letter like this too. I recommend the Stampin’ Write markers for beginners. See why here.

Than all it takes is a couple hours, my online class complete with videos and PDFs and you’ll have the basics to get you going!

Take my Brush Lettering for Beginners Now!

How to Create Intense Brusho Crystal Colour Backgrounds

OK, are you ready for an intense mix of greens and black?

Learn How to Brush Letter on Brusho Crystal Colour Backgrounds with Stampin Write Markers

I absolutely LOVE how this one turned out.

I used a flat canvas board from the art store (it’s 6″x6″) for my art. First I spritzed on plain water with my Stampin’ Spritzer, then dropped in my Brusho Crystal Colour. Once again, I’ve got Yellow, Prussian Blue and I added some Moss Green around the edges.

Isn’t it interesting how it created a totally different coloured background? The secret to this one is I used LOTS of water AND I went in with my Aqua Painter and moved colour around so it blended together to create the dark greens.

I also let it dry some, then tilted the board and let the wet ink (at the bottom) trickle into the painting.

It’s a bit difficult to see but I added some texture in those darker areas at the bottom with my marker to give a sense of black limbed trees. Can you see them?

YES YOU CAN Learn to Brush Letter on Brusho Crystal Colour Backgrounds Using Stampin Write Markers and My Online Class from Design with Jo

Once again I lettered my focal word with the brush tip end of the marker and carefully lettered the rest of the quote with the bullet tip. See my TIPS below.

I’ve got one more design for you at the bottom of my post. But first I want to make sure you’ve got my top TIPS to make these types of pieces at home.

Jo’s Top TIPS for Brush Lettering on Brusho Crystal Colour Backgrounds

1.For a lighter, airier look, I didn’t wiggle my paper around at all as I wanted the colours to only mix very little. That way they would be as pure as possible except where they overlapped to create a new colour.

2. Apply a heavier sprinkling of crystals to achieve a denser colour. Either sprinkle onto dry paper or canvas OR add in once you already have your colour established.

3. Move your coloured water with a light touch of an Aqua Painter brush. Try not to mix colours too much or you could end up with brown tones (unless that’s the colour you want of course! 😊)

3. WAIT as long as you possibly can to letter on top of your Brusho Crystal Colour background. Since the Basic Black Stampin’ Write marker is dye-based, and not permanent, it will run if your background is wet at all. (For example, my canvas “trees” piece I left for a full two days before I lettered just in case it was at all damp.)

4. Be kind to your marker tip. Be careful to not press too hard, especially on the heavy art board. It has texture and will ruin your brush tip if you are too aggressive.

Let’s See How This Looks in a Card

I couldn’t resist designing a quick card for a final project. This time I wanted to show off the beautiful orange Gamboge crystals on a background of Yellow.

Brush Letter on Brusho Crystal Colour Backgrounds for Lovely Spring Cards

The vibrancy of these colours is what your card recipent will see right after they notice your lovely brush marker lettering.

For this one, I used my journaling pen to give a little darker lettering as I wanted to mat it onto the black cardstock. A few doodly flowers with rhinestone centres and this guy was done!

Learn How To Brush Letter on Brusho Crystal Colour Backgrounds

It’s Your Turn Now

I know you can learn to hand letter like this. How? I’ve had lots of attendees, both in-person and online who I’ve taught over the years to create beautiful marker lettering. Click here to see what some of them say.

So I know you can absolutely learn to brush letter on Brusho Crystal Colour backgrounds like this too with a bit of practice, a Stampin’ Write marker and my beginner class.

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