For Keep It Simple Sunday today, I’d love for you to try out this Brusho Crystal Colours Stampin Up card.  Plus I’ve shared my top tips for working with Brusho below so be sure to take a read through those.  After all, why not learn from my mistakes😬?

This design has TONS going for it:

  • Quick (like 10 minutes including your Brusho drying time)
  • Easy (only a few tools and one super fast technique)
  • Pretty (don’t you just love yellow, white and black together?)
  • Versatile (this card could work for just about anybody at any time)

Let's play with Brusho Crystal Colours Stampin Up Card

You already know I LUV me some watercoloured cards.  What about if I told you Brusho Crystal Colours are neck and neck with my inks for creating cool backgrounds?  Well, NOW they are.

I must say I was a bit hesitant at first with my Brusho crystals.  After all, this was my very first try at using them (prepare yourself for some real UN-awesomeness!😯)

brusho crystal colours stampin up card

Yeah, probably not my best day in the craft room.

But rather than throw in the towel right then I dug in my heels, gritted my teeth and gave them another try.  

And just like everything else, once I got some practice under my belt, now I think I can turn out some pretty respectable results.  Especially with this particular technique (one of MANY) to create watercoloured backgrounds.

Grab your Brusho Crystal Colours Stampin Up Card

So what are my top tips?

  1. Use good quality paper.  My first tries you see above were on the regular Very Vanilla cardstock.  Just too lightweight to handle the water and didn’t allow for any spreading of the watercolour.  Watercolour and Shimmery White have yielded the best results for me.
  2. “Tap” on your crystals.  Give the bottom of your jar a firm tap with your fingertip to shake out the crystals rather than shaking the jar.
  3. Start with just a small sprinkle.  You can always add more once you’ve added your water.
  4. Use lots of water.  Either spritz on some water or drop it on with an AquaPainter to dissolve the crystals for the best results.
  5. Cut down your paper for your projects.  Just like my suggestions for using ink refills with this background technique (LINK) and this totally different one (LINK), if you start with a larger sheet of paper to play with the crystals, then you can get a variety of different sizes and designs simply by cutting it down to size.
  6. Experiment.  The colour combinations you can achieve are absolutely gorgeous once you start mixing our 5 different shades.  Your backgrounds can range from intense and vivid to soft and subtle.

Spoiler Alert!!  With all the experimenting I’ve been doing, I’ve designed a class so you can get creative too.  My attendees so far have loved the projects so I’m working on getting it online for you.  So keep your eyes and ears perked up for that!

Brusho Crystal Colours Stampin Up Card

Here are all the deets for my watercoloured card.


  • Watercolour paper – 3 3/4” x 5”
  • Pineapple Punch cardstock – 3 7/8” x 5 1/8”
  • Basic Black cardstock – 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”


  1. Create the background by tapping yellow Brusho onto dry watercolour paper.  TIP1: Two or three taps should be sufficient to start.
  2. Squeeze 4-5 drops of water from your Aqua Painter onto crystals then move it around with the brush tip to blend.  TIP2: Leaving some white space on the paper makes a more interesting background.)
  3. Let dry about 5-8 minutes.  This will depend on the amount of water you applied.  TIP3:  You can always heat set with your heat tool if you’re in a hurry.  But I prefer to air dry for a nicer effect.
  4. Stamp greeting with StazOn ink.  TIP4: press firmly and hold for a few seconds as the watercolour paper is bumpier to stamp evenly on.
  5. Mount onto a piece of Pineapple Punch with foam adhesive sheets then onto folded Basic Black card.
  6. Attach metallic sequins with liquid glue.

Let's play with Brusho Crystal Colours Stampin Up Card

So if you’ve got the Brushos already, go get ‘em and start playing.  If you haven’t added them to your stash yet, you can get them now simply by clicking on the image below.  And in about a week, the little brown UPS truck will be dropping off a box of goodies for you to play!

Simple wash with Brusho Crystal Colours Stampin Up Card

One of the other super bonuses with the Brusho Crystal Colours?  You get a TON of bang for your buck.  So much so I think I’ll be gifting my half-full bottles in my will 😋.  And that’s AFTER making loads of projects with them.

If you’re still on the fence, take a look at this Love What You Do card where I painted with the crystals.  It might just help you decide.

So did you try out this technique?  If not, don’t wait!  Once you start to play you’re also going to fall in love with this awesome art supply like I have.  Then I predict you won’t be able to stop at just one Brusho Crystal Colours Stampin Up card.

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