Have you tried card making from scrapsonly scraps? You know. Those leftover bits that we tuck away and plan to use. But somehow never get around to using? That collect and grow and seem to expand overnight sometimes?

Let me show you how you can create quick and pretty darn fabulous cards with those little bits.

Masculine Card Making from Scraps

Isn’t he just the cutest? The Gang’s All Meer set is a freebie during Sale-a-bration. And it’s been a pretty popular one so far and I realized I hadn’t used it yet! Yes, EEEEK!

Challenge Time!

So I gave my self a challenge of only creating it with things I had on hand. (See below why I think this is a good thing to do every once in awhile!😉) You may still have to do a little bit of trimming but your pieces are going to get smaller and smaller. And then it starts to feel OK to throw them in the recycle bin!

So everything on this card, aside from the card base, was made with card scraps from other projects. Papers I had die cut, or cut off or cut out that have been aging nicely (or collecting dust)…depends on how you look at it! 😋

So if we count them up, that’s 6 pieces that have been quietly residing in my draweror on my desk and in my cubbie holes. Just dreaming of their chance to make it big on a card some day!

Four of them are cut off pieces from other projects I made. And two are remainders from cuts through the die cut machine with the Rectangle Stitched Shapes. (and I’ve already told you my TOP TIP when you’re using them here).

So this is the result.

I LOVE Card Making from Scraps Like This Sweet Guy from Gangs All Meer

Sort of a masculine feel don’t you think? For a little guy – and I think even a big guy!

So why do you want to go to the “trouble” of crafting cards in this way?

Benefits of Card Making from Scraps

  • card making takes about half the time it normally does )or even less)
  • you’re being environmentally friendly
  • it’s saving you money! ChaCHING!
  • you’re challenging your brain when you force it to use what you have – yeah no kidding! Just like gymnastics for the old noggin’! 😅
  • what a sense of accomplishment to turn out a card solely from leftovers!

But let’s not forget the inside of this card. More scraps here too – two more!

Don't Forget Card Making from Scraps for Super Simple and Cute Designs like this Gangs All Meer

So How Do You Store Your Scraps?

What’s your best tip for keeping those stray bits organized?

Here’s how I store my cardstock. In a file drawer next to my work space. So I don’t have far to reach!

Card Making from Scraps

What Else Do I Store?

My patterned paper off cuts go into the original package with the remaining full sheets, and die cuts go into a cello bag I keep on one of my counters. That way they are always close at hand.

Now It’s Your Turn!

You know where your scraps are! Give your brain a workout today and set a few out to give you a little inspiration. You might be surprised!

And if you don’t have any scraps hanging around? Well first I’m not sure I believe that! 🙄 . But second, if you’re absolutely sure, you can always click on any of my supplies to add them to your stash of soon-to-be-scraps pile!

Card Making from Scraps

Thank You

It’s great to share different ideas and tips and tricks with you. I hope you find a little nugget to add into your paper crafting!

Super Quick Card Making from Scraps

Check back here often as I plan to keep the ideas coming! Next time it won’t be card making from scraps, but it will be something else to hopefully tweak your creativity!

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