I’ve got a brand new feature called CASE the Cattie live videos headed your way!

I’ll just bet you love to pore over the designs in Stampin’ Up!’s catalogues right? 

And I’ll doubly bet you’ve often wondered what measurements they might have used? 

Or maybe you’ve played around a little bit and tried to figure out how to make them yourself? 

There’s no doubt the artists at Stampin’ Up! are some of the luckiest folks around!  They really do get all the cool new things first! They must feel like kids in candy stores to have everything at their fingertips to get crafty! 

Well let’s take a page out of their book (almost literally!)!   

NEW Weekly Feature CASE the Cattie with Design with Jo!
Come Watch How They’re Made!

Each week, let me show you how to make a design from a current catalogue on my Facebook business page, Design with Jo.  I’ll do a quick live video to show you exactly how you can make it including the measurements you need to cut. And maybe I’ll even show you how you can change them up just a tad. 😉

CASE the Cattie Live Videos

Even though I’m officially starting this series Thursday, May 13th, 2021, I gave a preview at my Next Best Thing Virtual Open House this past weekend. P.S. You can still see the entire recorded event by clicking on this post and selecting the link.

I thought I’d share the excerpt of the CASE the Cattie section with you so you can see what I’m planning!

Click on the triangle to watch it now.

Here’s a closeup of the card I made for you.

Let Me Show You How to CASE the Cattie with my Facebook Live Videos
Quick and Easy CASing of the Catalogue!

You can see another two designs I made on the video to show you how little changes will make them look different!

How to Watch Me Live?

Head on over to my Facebook business page, Design with Jo around 11 am MDT and refresh your screen until you see me pop up! Pretty easy!

Here’s the link to my page: https://www.facebook.com/designwithjo/

Is There One You’d Like to See?

Is there a design in the two current catalogues you would love to know how to make?

Click here to leave a comment.

How to Switch Up Stampin’ Up! Catalogue Designs

“See” You There!

I’d love to have you join me for my new CASE the Cattie live videos – see you soon!

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