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Why Send Holiday Cards

If you’re pressed for time during the holiday season you just might you ask yourself, “Why send holiday cards?”  What would happen if I skip a year?  Who would notice if I didn’t send a handmade card this year?

Well, as tempting as that might be, let’s take a look at exactly WHY you DO want to set aside time to share your greetings during the holiday season.

But before I get to that, let’s take a peek at today’s soft and pretty card made with ink refills and Sparkle glimmer paper.

Why Send Holiday Cards?

How’s that for a contrast with yesterday’s bold and bright card?

Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE me some bold and bright colours – a LOT.  But there’s something to be said for soothing and gentle greetings too.  Especially during what sometimes can become a pretty overwhelming time of year.

Why Send Holiday Cards?

Why Send Holiday Cards


So back to the why’s and wherefore’s and all that “stuff” for why send holiday cards.  And not just any old card.  Ones you make yourself!

Here are just a FEW of the reasons.

  1. Your crafting time is YOUR time to relax, have fun and explore new ideas.  It’s precious so don’t give it up.
  2. A handmade card shows friends and family how much you value their part in your life.
  3. It’s a low-cost way to share the fun and friendship with more than a small few during the festive season.
  4. Cards can be inexpensive when you make your own.
  5. You have full creative license to design EXACTLY what you want when you make your own holiday greetings.
  6. It’s a great way to show your gratitude for kindnesses extended to you during the past year.
  7. Reconnect with those you may have fallen out of touch with.
  8. It’s a fun way to update your friends on your family’s activities (throw in a couple photos to make it even more special).

Aren’t those some pretty wonderful reasons to start thinking about your original holiday design?

I have to admit I didn’t get around to designing my own holiday cards last year.  I KNOW!  How awful is that when I DO this for a living?

And you know what?  It felt like something was missing during the holidays.

I had several people comment on how I had missed them and they were disappointed.  They look forward to receiving our news, reconnecting and seeing what I had come up with for a handmade design.

So never underestimate the impact your handmade greeting cards will have on others.  And on yourself.

OK, if that’s the case let’s talk about a card you might like to make this season.  One with a little technique to jazz it up.

Why Send Holiday Cards?

Last time you checked the glimmer paper didn’t come in a light green did it?  That’s where my product of the week, ink refills, come in.  Here’s what you need to do to make ANY colour of glimmer paper.

  • Fill your Aqua Painter with rubbing alcohol.
  • Add a few drops of whichever colour you want to dye your paper onto an acrylic block.  (I used Mossy Meadow.)  TIP: Start with fewer drops.  The colour is pretty intense and if you need to you can always add more.
  • Pick up some colour with your Aqua Painter, squeeze your Aqua Painter over your Glimmer paper, then paint directly on top of it.  TIP:  It will dry lighter.  TIP:  You can make multiple layers of colours to add depth if you wish.

See all the steps in my quick video.

Why Send Holiday Cards?

Quick Tips for this Happy Holiday Card

  • Let your glimmer paper dry completely before running it through the Big Shot to cut out your words.
  • Don’t lose the dot to the “I” in holiday!
  • Create a swirly border for your words by repeatedly inking and stamping the swirls from the Merry Christmas to You stamp set in Soft Sea Foam.
  • Add more sparkly by randomly attaching your clear rhinestones to a branch of the swirl.

Now you know the how and the why, how’s your design coming for this year? 

If you need any of these supplies, simply click on the image to have it ship directly to your home.  And don’t forget to use host code VUP7MZMA if your order is over $75 and I will send you the exclusive Snowflake Trinkets in early December.

Ever Wonder Why Send Holiday Cards?

There will always be reasons to not get into your craft studio to make personalized greeting cards.  The drive needs shovelling, laundry is due, the kids’ need a costume for the pageant…

But before you shelve Christmas card making this year, think about what you and others might miss.

I know you will never go wrong with designing then sending a handmade greeting card in the mail over the holidays.  During the rush and bustle of the season, think how special you feel when you go to the mailbox and pull out a hand written card.

You can be absolutely sure this year I’ll be scheduling time to get my own done.  I don’t want to miss out again.  And I don’t want others to ask themselves “Why send holiday cards” and drop me off their list either!

Make a Simple Holiday Card with Brush Marker Lettering

Make a simple holiday card with brush marker lettering and a Stampin’ Write marker.  Take my Basic Brush Lettering for Papercrafters online class and you CAN dress up your holiday greetings in your own style.

Then colour it up and add some fun glitz and glamour with the Making Christmas Bright stamps and your stamp pad refills.

Let’s see it.

Create Bright Lightbulbs and Make a Simple Holiday Card

Isn’t that new Poppy Parade red to die for?  With a little more orange than Real Red and brighter than Cherry Cobbler, it’s a red I HAD to add into my collection.

Plus what’s not to like about perfectly matched brush marker letters and cardstock?  And shiny, dimensional lightbulbs?

Let’s take a closer peek before I tell you how to achieve those glitzy bulbs.

Make a Simple Holiday Card to WOW This Year

Brush marker lettering is fun and easy to learn.  With just a bit of practice you’ll be able to WOW your family and friends with your hand lettered Christmas cards.

YES, you can learn this in time for Christmas with my online class, Lowercase Brush Marker Lettering for Papercrafters.  What’s all you need?

  • A Stampin’ Write marker in the colour of your choice
  • Some graph paper (or why not use our Grid Paper?)
  • A pencil and a ruler
  • a few hours of time

That’s it!  Oh, and my five step-by-step videos and full colour pdfs and guide sheets.  I’ve got you fully covered so you won’t miss a thing.

Get them here or by clicking the button below.

Make a Simple Holiday Card


Here’s a simple trick to make your own version of these fun lightbulbs.

  1. Gloss them up by mixing together a drop of your ink refill colour and a drop of your Fine Tip glue.  I used four colours: Poppy Parade, Balmy Blue, Daffodil Delight and Garden Green for mine.  (See all my directions here.)
  2. Brush your mixture on with a clean Aqua Painter.
  3. Immediately rinse your Aqua Painter with clear water and set aside to dry.
  4. Let your bulbs dry.  (And when you think they’re dry, wait LONGER!)

You’ll have vibrant colour with a high gloss shine just like mine.

Make a Simple Holiday Card to WOW Them This Year

What are a few other details of this simple design?

  • Use your own handwriting and a Journaling pen for the “merry and” portion of the greeting.
  • Letter the “bright” first, then the “merry and” above it.  Don’t worry about trying to keep it centred.
  • Lastly stamp the lightbulb string in Memento ink and let dry. (Or give it a shot with your heat tool.)
  • Change up the Swirls & Curls embossed cardstock by showing the “debossed” side out.
  • Add interest by having the focal point the entire width of the card.

So what are you waiting for?  Grab my class, get out your Stampin’ Write markers and start lettering to beat the band.

Here are all the supplies I used on this card.

Make a Simple Holiday Card with Your Own Brush Marker Lettering

If you love this type of lettering, take a peek at my other Christmas design.

And look how cute your kids or grandkids’ names could be hand lettered for their rooms.

There are no limits to the uses you’ll find your brush marker lettering.  Home decor, journals, scrapbooking…  Or you might just use it to make a simple holiday card that will be sure to impress everyone who receives it!

Colouring Embossing Paste for Cardmaking | VIDEO

Today I want to show you how colouring embossing paste for card making adds that little somethun’ extra to your handmade designs.  

Ya know, like how jam makes peanut butter just that teeny bit more scrumptious (well at least for me 😋!)?  Or how that extra layer of mascara makes your lashes almost 3D, but not quite Tammy Faye Bakker-ish?

And I’ve got a quick video to show you exactly how to create cool cards with backgrounds like this one.

see my video for colouring embossing paste for cardmaking

If you haven’t tried embossing paste before, you’re going to want to after you see how easy it is to work with.  Here are the top three things I love about it.

  1. A teeny bit goes a loooong way.  I’ve been using my jar for over a year now TIP1: close the jar right away after dishing it up for your project.  TIP2: Add a couple drops of distilled water if it gets a tad dry.)
  2. It dries super duper quick – almost before you get the template cleaned off!
  3. You can make it coloured or sparkly just by adding some ink refill or Dazzling DiamondsTIP3: Try barely mixing it for a marbled effect like I did with this simple medallion designTIP4: You can sprinkle it with the glitter or mix it right in.

So how about we see it in action?


Colouring Embossing Paste for Card Making

Were you surprised at how easy it is to use?  

I chose a quite subtle effect with my colour on this sympathy card.  But why not be bold and add colour to a plain white card for extra punch on your other projects.

I LOVE colouring embossing paste for cardmaking

A couple tips for embossing paste designs

  • A thinner layer of paste will dry quicker and be easier to layer on your cards.
  • An absolute MUST – wash your templates in a basin of warm water as soon as you are finished applying your paste to your project, even if you’re going to use that same template again right away.
  • Try leaving gaps in the template for a more “artsy” look.

colouring embossing paste for cardmaking

Now it’s your turn.  I’d love to know how you use embossing paste on your cards.  Leave me a comment.

And if you haven’t tried it before, here’s everything you need to start colouring embossing paste for card making just like you see here.

let me show you colouring embossing paste for cardmaking

You can never go wrong by adding subtle details to simple designs like this one, especially for sympathy or thinking of you cards. 

So how about pulling out your own favourite ink refills for colouring embossing paste for card making to see what fabulous projects you can design?


A Fun Stamp Pad Ink Refills Background

Today I want to show you a fun stamp pad ink refills background my friend Janine created for her Merlin card.  It’s so cute, you’ll be pulling out your re-inkers to give it a shot right away!

a fun stamp pad ink refills background

Isn’t it awesome?  Those swirls and bursts of colour are just perfect with our little Merlin from the Magical Day stamp set.

And isn’t his expression priceless?  Sort of a bored, yet mischievous glint in the corner of his eye!  Janine coloured him with the Rich Razzleberry Blends and her Basic Gray marker.

Here’s a close up.

a fun stamp pad ink refills background

Want to make a fun stamp pad ink refills background?

Here’s how:

  1. Spritz Shimmery White cardstock with plain water
  2. Touch refill tips into the water and release a small amount of ink (she used So Saffron, Calypso Coral and Pumpkin Pie refills)
  3. Add more spritz if the ink doesn’t immediately flow
  4. (You can also lightly blow onto the wet ink/water mix to get it to move in the direction you want)
  5. Let cardstock dry completely.
  6. Stamp stars randomly over the bursts of colour for some magic dust!

What other details make this card work so well?

  • Merlin’s “crystal” ball which is one of the large clear faceted gems
  • fabulous mix of bold, fun colours
  • off-centred greeting stamped in two colours, on two colours of paper

Sadly, this fun set is retiring soon.  I’ve played around with it quite a bit this winter. So many mythical creatures…a unicorn, mermaid, white knight, a dragon great for Harry Potter and Dundgeons & Dragons fans!  But I love how the images work for ALL ages…from little tykes thrilled with mystical images…to older folks who still believe in magic 😉. 

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about this set or bundle, sit no longer!  It’ll soon be gone for good and I’d hate for you to miss out on bringing a little bit of make-believe to those you craft for.

And while you’re at it, why not pick up all the supplies Janine used to recreate this card at home?  Simply click on the image to order from me and it will ship directly to your house in about a week.  Thanks!

a fun stamp pad ink refills background

You might also love a couple more ideas for this fun bundle like my cool Wink of Stella dragon or my pretty unicorn tag gift box? 

And if you haven’t yet played around creating backgrounds with your re-inkers, here’s another thrity-second idea to get you inspired!

Once you start playing, you’re not going to want to stop – for anything!  Dinner, sleep, housework…heck who needs clean socks when you’re having so much fun?  And surely your twice-removed-second-cousin’s-great-aunt needs a card to celebrate her cat’s birthday doesn’t’ she?  🤣

Believe me, your re-inkers will dry up before you do!  Then you’ll have treated cardstock galore for all kinds of great handmade projects with such a fun stamp pad ink refill background! 

Updated Polished Stone Technique with Refill Wink of Stella

Today let’s have fun with an updated polished stone technique with refill Wink of Stella!  If you like techniques, my video will show you how SUPER quick and easy this one is.  If you love designing projects where AWESOME paper takes centre stage, get ready to get creative!  Take a peek.

updated polished stone technique with refill wink of Stella

Cool right?  Not a lot of stamping, but really, does it need any more?  The geometric shape of the Tailored Tag Punch and the glossy – and shimmery – polished stone paper scream “Look at me!”

updated polished stone technique with refill wink of Stella

There are so few supplies for this technique too.  Let’s take a look-see.

Updated Polished Stone Technique with Refill Wink of Stella 

And now you’ve got all kinds of refill Wink of Stella Stampin Up colours with my short video last week – you made some didn’t you? – you’re all set to make some awesome backgrounds just like this!

Let’s talk a bit about the cool card too.  This is one where your design REALLY stands out.

Seeing as I hadn’t gotten much use from my Tailored Tag Punch yet, I pulled it out of the cupboard.  (Do you ever do that?  Buy something and then put it away and (sorta) forget you have it? 😊)  I do it ALL the time!

My first step was my greeting.  And since I also hadn’t used the Waterfront stamp set so far (it must be confession day for me!) I pulled it out of hiding and found this greeting fit perfectly in the middle of the tag.  I decided I didn’t want it centred so placed it a bit more to the bottom right and gave it some OOMPH with dimensionals.

Then I punched that cool geometric shape from my polished stone paper four times and placed them in a sequence.  (TIP1: for the top and bottom ones, I first glued the top left one so the tag extended over my Basic Black panel.  Next I trimmed it off and used the remaining piece upside down for the bottom right one.)

updated polished stone technique with refill wink of Stella

I matted my panel two times with Marina Mist, then Lemon-Lime Twist (TIP2: Pick up on the refill colours you used in your polished stone technique for your matting).  I decided I wanted a more solid raised panel, so used my adhesive foam strips to adhere my panel to the folded black card.

You can just see the inside peeking out in that last photo.  Here’s what I did so the inside echoed the cardfront.

updated polished stone technique with refill wink of Stella

Once you start to play with this technique, I have to warn you.  You might find it just a tad addictive.  But that’s OK.  With your LOADS of created papers, it will take no time to whip up this card and lots of others in different colours. 

Need any supplies?  I’ve got just what you need in my 24-7 online store.  Thanks for shopping with me!

Did you take a gander at my quick video?  I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what I did with the other panel I created in there too.

updated polished stone technique with refill wink of Stella

So another different shaped background Idea you could use for a fabulous card for someone special.

When you want your design to stand out, there’s nothing like cool, and unexpected, backgrounds livened up with simple stamping, word dies and embellishments.  Get creative yourself with my updated polished stone technique with refill Wink of Stella and you’ll have awesome backgrounds galore!


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