Want a DIY elegant wedding card to celebrate a special couple?

I made this one for our nephew and new niece who celebrated their wedding COVID-19 style a couple weekends ago! Despite having to adjust their wedding day, it was a beautiful day! I loved how it – and this card – turned out!

Let’s see how spectacular a handmade wedding card can be.

DIY Elegant Wedding Card using Forever Fern Stamps from Stampin Up!

Clean. Simple. Beautiful.

Although the wedding colours were teal and cobalt blue (actually Blueberry Bushel and Bermuda Bay!), I wanted to do something different for the day itself.

I don’t know if you’re the same but when I’m crafting with someone (or in this case two someones) in mind, you put a little bit of yourself – and your heart – into your crafting. Just thinking about them opening the envelope and seeing what you created makes your design time even more rewarding.

DIY Elegant Wedding Card

To me, there’s nothing like the shine of gold against a crisp white background for a card.

And many of you know how I love, love, love dry embossing. It immediately elevates your card making from pretty to stunning! It looks like you slaved for hours with your stylus but your die cutting and embossing machine does all the work!

Jo’s Design Details

Let’s take a closer look at some of the details of this gorgeous card.

DIY Elegant Wedding Card Made with Rubber Stamps
  • Mix up your papers. Add the elegance of two very different papers for your cut out leaves. If I had used all foil, they would have overpowered the card. But vellum cardstock and gold foil pieces balance the card wonderfully.
  • Add a variety of die cuts. Pull different dies with different shapes to complement each other. The pointed leaves offset the slight fan-shape. Then the smaller sprig adds a third rounded element to the mix.
  • Limit your colours. A third colour would have taken away from the elegance of the card. So I kept the embellishments also within the gold family with the Gilded Gems which catch the light beautifully..
DIY Elegant Wedding Card
  • Emphasize the greeting. The lovely mix of script and more serious caps are lovely together and need very little further accent. A simple, yet amped up with the stitching label is all you need.
  • Create an ensemble. Run your envelope flap through your die cutting and embossing machine with the same Greenery folder to add the final touch of sophistication and coordination.

If you like this wedding card, you may also like this other one with similar colours.

Maybe You Don’t Have Any Weddings This Year?

Many couples have postponed their 2020 wedding due to the pandemic. So although you might not have need of a DIY elegant wedding card right now, I’ll bet next season will be a different story. Why not make up a couple cards to have on hand?

Or use this exact same card to celebrate a wedding anniversary! There are still lots of those happening!

Here is the supply list I used to make mine. A quick click on any image will take you to my 24-7 online store where you can add them to your order.

DIY Elegant Wedding Card

Who Do You Have in Mind When You Craft?

You’ve probably figured out by now that I love being creative. But I always enjoy crafting just that bit more more when I’m doing it with someone special in mind. In this case I had two very special people in my heart as I was designing.

I hope the design I made for them also gives you some inspiration to get into your craft space and create!

DIY Elegant Wedding Card Made with Dry and Heat Embossing

I’d love to hear if you decided to make a DIY elegant wedding card like this one – drop me a line anytime at [email protected].

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