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Create cool home decor with DIY framed names brush marker lettering! Everyone loves to see their names in print. You only have to go to a souvenir stand to see reams of personalized keychains, license plates and fridge magnets. But when you take my online Brush Marker Lowercase Lettering, it’s so easy to create your own with your Stampin’ Write markers and scraps of cardstock.

DIY framed names brush marker lettering

When my friend Leslie wanted to do something special for her grandchildren for Christmas, she asked me to brush marker letter their names for their rooms. Here are all of them together.

DIY framed names brush marker lettering

Supplies for this simple project are SO minimal: Stampin’ Write markers, Whisper White thick cardstock and paper scraps! I loosely followed the colours of the rainbow for each letter and added rough mini squares of matching cardstock. One enamel shape on each one added one whimsical little touch.

DIY framed names brush marker lettering

DIY framed names brush marker lettering

Want to learn brush lettering? My super quick and simple online class has clear video directions so you’ll master it in no time.

Here are the steps for DIY framed names brush marker lettering:

  1. Pick your size of frame (these are 5” x 7”)
  2. Match your marker colours to the room if you wish (mine were rainbow in either the Brights or Regals)
  3. With the non-brush tip of a Smoky Slate marker, shadow each letter on the left hand side
  4. Cut small squares/rectangles of matching cardstock and glue in random line (try top left to bottom right like I did)
  5. Add enamel shape in one of the matching colours
  6. Insert into frame

Purchase my online brush marker lettering class and get busy today making your own kids and grandkids names. They’ll LOVE ‘em! Here’s all you need!

DIY framed names brush marker lettering

Once you get started with your own brush marker lettering, there are so many ways you can add it into your paper crafting.  I use mine all the time on envelopes, cards, name tags, bookmarks (just like these ones here!) and so much more.  Give it a try and in no time you’ll be making DIY framed names brush marker lettering too!


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