Want to learn how to WOW them with the easiest watercolour background you’ll EVER make?

I’ll show you in just about a minute how you can make one-of-a-kind backgrounds with just a few simple steps and tools!

See how fast it is in my super short TikTok video.

Craft Up Cards with Watercolour Backgrounds

Now once you’ve created your gorgeous watercolour piece, what can you do with them?

I use them in a variety of ways. For this particular colour combo, I wanted to do a cute Halloween card but only show a small piece of paper against some cool patterned paper.

Let’s get up-close and personal with it!

Learn the Easiest Watercolour Background You'll Ever Make!
Super cute Halloween card to send a special friend!

Pretty cool, right?

Just a little bit of rubber stamping right over top of the background adds to the WOW factor!

TIP: To get the best results, use your Stamparatus for stamping as your Fluid 100 watercolour paper is a bit bumpy. (For example, I stamped the frog three times before I was happy with the intensity of the black.)

Wow Them with the Easiest Watercolour Background You’ll Ever Make

What else did I do to make this piece?

Take a close look. Can you see the shiny drips? Mostly in the purple part.

I waited until the background was JUST about dry, then held my open Wink of Stella above it and tapped it lightly. It sprayed out a few drips which dried permanently.

You can also colour the frog with some Wink of Stella to add a bit of polish to that “got an attitude” critter.

Quick VIDEO Easiest Watercolour Background You'll Ever Make
Simple stamping lets the fun background shine through!

Want to Learn More Watercolour Backgrounds?

Are you card maker but never tried watercolour? You’ll love my online class, Watercolour Backgrounds for Card Makers!

Click the image to find out how you can turn plain old paper into gorgeous works of art!

Release that inner watercolour artist! Then stand back for the applause from your family and friends! You’ll make spectacular cards to knock their socks off!

Get Creative!

Grab your Fluid 100 Watercolor paper, some Stampin’ Spritzers and ink refills and make some gorgeous backgrounds.

And if you want to turn yours into one just like mine, here’s what you need.

First start by cutting your watercoloured piece down to 2″ x 4 3/4″ to showcase a strip that you like the best. Then stamp on it and highlight it on your card with these measurements.

Cuttin’ It Up!

  • Designer Series Paper (Black & White Designs 159861) – 4 1/4″ x 11″, scored at 5 1/2″
  • cardstock – in a colour to match your ink on your background (mine is Blackberry Bliss)
  • optional for the inside (see below): coloured cardstock – 4″ x 5 1/4″, white 3 3/4″ x 5″

If you need any of the supplies, please click here for a list you can print or pin or order from.

A Couple More Hints

A couple other ideas for you as you start to create with your Stampin’ Spritzers and ink refills.

  1. Your paper is very important! Watercolour is always going to give you the results you want.
  2. Have a large sheet of scrap paper under your work area as you could get carried away with your spritzing! (you, I’ve done it) – I’m using a piece of Teflon that I can wipe up after I’m done.
  3. Let your piece dry fully before stamping on it.

Pull the front of the card INside too so it all coordinates.

Wow Them with the Easiest Watercolour Background You'll Ever Make
Make a standout card with a piece of double sided patterned paper – and fancy up the inside!

I sure hope you WOW them with the easiest watercolour background you’ll EVER make – no need to tell them how easy it is!