Get this easy layout for a handmade card and start crafting up some fabulous greetings right away! And all the shapes on this card? Just one measly little set of dies! Let me tell you more!

Before we get to the card though, let’s see this layout!

Easy Layout for a Handmade Card
How to Use an Easy Sketch for Handmade Cards
  • Simple.
  • Quick to make.
  • Perfectly balanced.

There are lots of reasons why this layout (or sketch) is one you’ll use for many occasions.

Easy Layout for a Handmade Card

What’s Great About this Layout?

  • Three classic shapes to add some WOW!
  • Full layers overlap each other so none are “out in left field”.
  • Overall placement is centred.

Now if you like working with layouts and sketches to jump start your card making, be sure to check out this totally different idea!

Let’s see our cheerful card.

Easy Layout for a Handmade Card
How cute is this little birdie on this layout?

Who could resist this sweet little songbird?

A knock-out card in the new Sweet Sorbet red paired with white and Mango Melody. The touch of patterned paper in behind adds more interest and texture to an already great design.

And that larger top flower? I coloured one of the Loose Flower Trinkets with my Dark Sweet Sorbet Stampin’ Blend!

Why the Stylish Shapes Dies?

This is a die set I guarantee you will use again and again. And because I’m so sure of that, if you find you don’t like them, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked!


  1. Classic: The mix of circles, squares and flag banners will always be in style!
  2. Simple: Nested dies make layering so easy! Here you get 6 circles, 5 squares and 4 banners to mix’n match,
  3. On Trend: The inside of the shape has tiny dots to add cute and trendy texture and interest, the outside, stitching lines!
  4. One cut, two uses!! Use the paper you cut the shape OUT of for another design with its little stitching lines on it too! (see what I mean by taking a peek at this card.)

Try them for yourself and I know you won’t be disappointed!

Get Instant Variety with Layouts

This is the absolute BEST thing about using sketches and layouts to start your card making process. It’s a chance to use whatever you have in your own paper crafting stash!

Don’t have the patterned paper? Use one you DO have!

The Sweet Songbird Bundle got cut from your last order? No problem! I’ll bet you have a punch or another die set that would make equally adorable cards!

I hope you give it a try for yourself. And if you’d love to make it exactly as I did, click here to pin, print or order your items to be sent directly to you!

Easy Layout for a Handmade Card
Make someone’s day when you send them this cheery card!

Would you make this bird red or another colour? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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So now you have an idea for an easy layout for a handmade card, be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming posts where I’ll show how you can get more variety with simple sketches!