Wanna learn some fun card folds?

Creative Folds

Tired of ho-hum “regular fold” cards? Want some inspiration for easy, fun and duplicatable projects?  With my instructional videos, full written tutorial and templates for only $27, learn everything you need to start folding up a storm today!

In less than an hour, you can add FIVE new folds to your repertoire!

What’s Included?

Complete Video Instructions


  • my must-have tools for folded cards
  • all the steps to make the cards
  • tips’n tricks & things to avoid
  • BONUS watercolour stamping technique

Complete Printable PDF


  • full supplies list
  • exact cardstock sizes in inches
  • full written instructions for each card
  • finished project photos

Printable PDF Templates


  • individual PDF templates for each card
  • exact folded sizes in inches
  • written tips for each card

Have you wanted to try different folds for your greeting cards?  Get 5 beautiful cards with full instructions for only $27 to get you started!

Double Fold Birthday Card

Triangle Fold Pocket Card

Double Gatefold Christmas Card

Cut'n Fold Leaves Card

Flap Fold Christmas Card

Making different folds livens up your cardmaking!  Not only for you but for your recipients!  I’ve been intrigued by and making easy fold cards for years and share my simple designs in straightforward in-person classes.  Here’s what my students love about this class!

“This was so fun to try something new.  I sometimes get stuck in a rut with my cardmaking and these were so easy to make, I’ll make all of them over and over again!  Thanks for a great class.”

Janice P.

“Yay! Thanks for everything! You always put a lot of hard work into your classes.  Looking forward to another class soon!”
Crystal S.

Your idea to offer this class online is a brilliant one!!  You have obviously put a great deal of time and effort into it and you truly have a gift for teaching!”

Joan F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Folded cards look complicated. Will I be able to make these?

This class introduces you to some basic folds that are very easy – and very effective! My video runs you step-by-step through each card so you will be able to recreate them yourself right away.

How long does it take to make each card?

While each card will vary a little in the time it takes to make, I predict you will be able to make each card in under 10 minutes!  And that’s the first time through – they will take even less time once you understand the basic cardmaking concept.  My class instructional video takes about forty minutes to review and you can refer to it over and over again.  The written instructional PDF is an excellent resource so you can start making these cards immediately.

What do I need for supplies?

The best tools for folded cards are a folding bone and your cutting tool, with a scoring blade.  The cut’n fold card also uses a hobby (X-acto) knife.  Then it’s just your basic supplies, especially patterned paper!

I don't have a tool with a scoring blade...now what?

While a cutter with a scoring blade really cuts down on your cardmaking time, and you’ll use it over and over, you can also use a ruler and a bone folder or scoring tool of some kind.

How do I get the videos and worksheets?

When you’re ready to start learning your five folded cards, click the button below to purchase your class for only $21.95.  Fully complete the Paypal experience then you’ll be directed to a sign-up page.  Then I’ll immediately send you links to your resources so you’ll have 24-7 access always to create fabulous folded cards!

Want to Make Creative Folded Cards?

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