There are so many reasons to love what I do, but today I want to share my favourite part of being a stamping business owner.  And it might be a tad bit surprising!

Can you guess what it is?

  • You may think it’s the product discount
  • Or getting to see all the brand new items first. 
  • Perhaps you feel it would be making crafting friends all over the world. 
  • Or maybe you think it’s working with a fun company that appreciates me and what I do?

While all of these reasons are – I can’t lie😙 – pretty darn cool, it’s not my numero uno reason.

Favourite Part Of Being a Stamping Business Owner

My Favourite Part of Being a Stamping Business Owner with Stampin Up!
Working on the Lanai on a rainy day!

My number one reason is…flexibility! 

Over the past two weeks, I had a wonderful Hawaiian vacation with my hubby.  Fifteen sun soaked days playing in the surf, on the sand enjoying the scenery and some down time.

My Favourite Part of Being a Stamping Business Owner with Stampin Up!

And while like you, I needed to plan for my time away,  I can go on vacation anytime I want.  No waiting for my turn for time off.  No blackout periods! I approve my request whenever I want!

In fact, I set my own schedule in my stamping business.  I decide on what I want to do and when.  I design my time around my home and family life schedule.  

  • Dog needs to go to the groomer on Tuesday at 10?  No prob.
  • Furnace man coming to clean Thursday afternoon?  I can fit it in.
  • My WW workshop happens at noon on Wednesdays?  I’ll make it work.

Now I’ll grant you, I may have occasionally been accused of being a workaholic 😋.  All that means is I set goals for my business and try my best to achieve them. 

I put in the time and effort to ensure my customers and team have a great experience working with me as their Stampin’ Up! demo.  

Now if any of this sounds appealing to you, I’d love to chat with you about joining Stampin’ Up! and my team of Kreative Kanucks.

And if you’re on the fence?  Take a peek at one final gorgeous photo. Then take a read here why right NOW might just be the best time to join.

My Favourite Part of Being a Stamping Business Owner with Stampin Up!

No matter what YOUR motivation might be, there are lots of benefits to join Stampin’ Up!  What do you think YOUR favourite part of being a stamping business owner would be?

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