Crafting with 12x12 Papers is SIMPLE & FUN!

If it's not, try something new!

A simplified hands-on teaching style is the BEST way to effectively use up the stacks of 12×12 patterned papers scattered through your home for amazing cards and this teaching style is only available through my flippin’ easy

Fun Folds with 12×12 Patterned Papers Online Class!

Do any of these ring true for you?

  • I have stacks and stacks of 12×12 patterned papers!
  • I’m not sure what the BEST card designs are to make to use up my 12×12 papers.
  • I’ve bought classes before but they’re too complicated or steps have been left out, or
  • the card designs I see only work with the papers the teacher is showing!

Yes? Then keep reading to learn how this class will CHANGE how YOU create with 12×12 papers!


You’ve seen them.

Tons of ideas and classes out there to show you how to make cards, many of them for free.

Maybe you’ve even bought a class before. And been disappointed.

They fall short. Not enough detail. Too many steps. No follow-up.

Your cards just don’t look like…hers!

It’s not you!

It’s what’s missing in the instruction itself!


Pared Down Instruction Geared Just for YOU!

How about getting right down to the nitty gritty?

Rip open those packages of 12×12’s!

Then take it one step at a time!

Finally learn how to pick, match, cut, glue and combine YOUR patterned papers so every design you make comes out perfect!

Your own work of art to share in a paper hug with a friend!

With not a lot of extra stuff you don’t need!

Take it in simplified, bite-sized class chunks so you’re guaranteed card making success!

Whether you’re a seasoned rubber stamper, or just getting started with this fun past time.

If you’ve struggled before, or if you’ve never even tried before, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to follow along and create with me!


Use Up Every Bit of Your Precious Paper Stash!

You’ve spent time building your stash, so don’t squander your carefully chosen patterned papers!

Instead learn tricks for how to mix & match to use up every little scrap to glam up your cards!


This class is available now!


Learn from a Paper Packing Pro!

Just like you, I’ve accumulated my own personal stack of 12×12 papers.

But recently I decided it was time to purge…or splurge (on some exciting cards)!

How did I figure was the BEST way to dig into that stash and get value for my purchases?

To create simple, reproducible card designs featuring ever-popular FUN FOLDS!

Wouldn’t you know, I had so much fun designing them that I now HAVE to share them in a class with you!

So YOU can whittle down your pile and come out with some awesome, totally doable cards too!

As one of our regular class participants says about my teaching style, “You really do simplify this type of card”.

Class Must Haves You'll Get!

Why Some Papers Work...and Some Don't!

Find out how to pick your paper for maximum showing off! Demystify directional patterns, the best way to trim & professional finishing tricks

Use What You Already Own!

Learn how to incorporate your own 12×12 patterned papers into card making projects. Build confidence by re-creating each design with different patterns to enjoy and share!

Create with Confidence!

Step-by-step, easy-to-follow videos explain each technique so you can master it immediately,. Plus get all the supplies & cutting list for each card to save, print or download.

What does your class include?

lifetime access to my virtual class site (value $15)

unlimited viewing of detailed card instructional videos (value $25)

downloadable written Imperial & metric supplies & measurements photo tutorial (value $15)

TOTAL Value: $55

YOUR COST: $55 Just $27!

plus your 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied!

Grab your class now!


Don't miss out on your "Triple It Up" chance!

FINALLY start using up that stash of 12×12 papers and feeling the huge sense of accomplishment that comes with crafting cards you LOVE the FIRST time you make them! 

A couple more questions answered…

When is the class?

I pre-record all my online classes and post them so they’re convenient and accessible for you. You can watch them anytime that works for you! And you have lifetime access so you can do the class as soon as it launches, in a few weeks or again next year!

Class is AVAILABLE as soon as you register! When you register, I’ll send you an email to get your account signed up, and you can start to create with me!

How long is the class?

Your class will be just like being with me in the same room! Altogether we’ll spend just over an hour and a half together. You’ll find I’ve broken each card into its own pre-recorded video so you can take it in manageable chunks.

I suggest you watch the videos first to get an idea of the techniques and the steps involved. Then cut up your supplies and follow along with the videos again to make them yourself.

You can stop and start the recording as many times as you need to.  The supplies and measurements written tutorial pdf gives you the exact cuts to make so you can start creating immediately.

Do I need special supplies?

Like all my classes, each one of these cards can be made with regular stamping supplies you may already have.

Of course you will need several sheets of your own 12×12 patternend papers. You will also need to have some coordinating dye ink pads (Stampin’ Up! Classic Ink pads), a couple water based markers, a few standard shape dies or punches, a Versamark pad,  some heat embossing powder and heat tool.   Then just some cardstock, stamps along with a few  of your favourite embellishments.

Switch up the cards with different colours, dies and greetings for UNLIMITED of creative options!

I provide all the Stampin’ Up! product numbers, so if you’d rather use what I have, I’ve listed everything in my written tutorial to make it easy.  If you live in Canada and don’t have a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, you can click on my 24-7 online supply shop here to order them and have them arrive on your doorstep in about a week!

Can I pay another way besides PayPal?

Yes, if you would rather not use PayPal, there are two ways to make your payment.

1) if you live in Canada you can pay with an etransfer to When you’ve decided this class is for you, email me your payment in this way. Then I’ll reply to you with an email and include the link to get set up on my class site. Although I attempt to provide almost immediate service, please give 24 hours to receive a notice when you make payment via etransfer. Then allow 24 hours for class access.

2) I can create an invoice through PayPal you can pay with a credit card. Email me at to request this and provide your email address. Please allow 24 hours for class access.

Having YOU be successful in a fun and stress-free learning environment is my number one goal!

Come experience the joy of creating with confidence!