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Want to learn a fun stamp pad ink refills technique to make gorgeous backgrounds? Watch my video below showing you how to get the same cool result two different ways.

And the best part, they both take only seconds – seriously – SECONDS!! Now who DOESN’T have a couple seconds?? And as soon as you’re done, take your backgrounds and turn them into fantastic cards like this.


Neat swishes of coordinated colours on a shimmery white cardstock, offset with bold black and a soft pastel really make this card pop! The colour placement looked so “happy” to me, it was a bit of a no-brainer to stamp the verse on top from the Ribbon of Courage set. But you can so easily play around with your card colours and shapes and get a version like this too.

You won’t believe how easy this is. Take a peek and see for yourself.

Cool right? The bold swipe of colour and the lighter sketchier areas together create such an intriguing background.


Now if you’re a paper crafter who likes to know the outcome, this technique might be a teensy bit stressful. That was me at first. Now I love how random it is! In fact, I double dare you to try and get the same result twice! It’s practically impossible!

So tell me, with this fun stamp pad ink refills technique, which colours do you like better? The pinks or blues from the card in the video?


fun stamp pad ink refills technique

Today I’m kinda partial to the blue. But no matter which colour refills I use, I really do prefer the look of the Shimmery White card stock. The sheen you get is unbeatable. My number one TIP? Start with a larger piece of paper and then cut it down. It’s amazing how what you thought was a throw-away dud turns into a work of art!

So get out your refills, cut up some Shimmery White paper and see how much fun this ultra fast technique is. Just click on the pics below to round out your colours of refills.


Did you take the couple minutes to view this technique in action on my video? I sure hope you did so you can see how this fun stamp pad ink refills technique can add variety and WOW backgrounds to your paper crafting!



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