You are going to LOVE these Give It a Whirl Ideas for Halloween! In my latest Behind the Paper: An Interview with a Paper Crafter, get ready for cute!

My buddy Janine got busy to create fabulous designs with this fun set of dies! And the Cutest Halloween stamps! And some Cute Halloween designer series paper!

Now if this is your first time here, you’ll want to take a peek at the rest of this series! I’ve featured so many paper crafters with all kinds of super ideas! They’ve been showing off – and rightfully so – just a tiny bit with a fun stamp sets, dies and bundles they absolutely love!

We met my friend and fellow crafter Janine last year with her fun snowflake cards. Now she’s gone all out with the Give It a Whirl dies!

Try the Give It a Whirl Dies for Halloween Cards
What a fun card made with the Give It a Whirl Dies and some Cute Halloween DSP

This is hands down my favourite of Janine’s creations! Isn’t it cute cute cute?

  • Cute ghosts plus
  • Cute paper equals
  • Cutie pie card!

An Interview with a Paper Crafter

How much time do you spend crafting? When is your BEST time to craft?

Not as much time as I’d like! But a few hours each week. I prefer to craft early afternoons.

What is your “go to” layout for a card if you need to make one in a hurry?

 I don’t think I have a go-to layout. I tend to create according to the set I’m using.

Give It a Whirl Dies for Halloween that are Just Adorable
Turn the clear oval to see the ghosts float and fly!

What is your favourite occasion to create for and why?

I have the most fun with Halloween (as we can see!) but Christmas is a close second. Mostly because I make more than just cards.

What was the last paper crafting tool you purchased and why did you get it?

The last tool were the blending brushes. I love creating ombre looks, embossresist or a soft background to accentuate a focal point.

Give It a Whirl Dies for Halloween Are Fantastic
Cute Halloween DSP Shines in this Interactive Card Made with the Give It a Whirl Dies

Do you like to craft alone or with others?

I am much more productive alone, but enjoy stamping with a others (to visit)!

How is your paper crafting area set up so you can create cards quickly and easily?

My craft area is in a spare room. I actually sit at a kids sized table and chair, with most things I need just an arms reach away. It’s a disaster most of the time, but I know where everything is!🤣

Give It a Whirl Dies for Halloween
Cut your opening on the side for a different view!

Whether Janine’s area is a disaster or not – and whose isn’t? – her designs are super sweet!

Here’s a closer peek at all the die shapes in this fun set of dies. There are 21 in all!

Give It a Whirl Dies for Halloween

Want to Give It a Whirl?

I’ve included a list of the supplies Janine used you can save, print or order by clicking here.

This last idea is a way to take these dies a little step further. Cut out the circular shape and use it to decorate an Acetate Card Box. Janine filled hers with scrumptious handmade macarons! (And despite my accidentally dropping them on the floor, I can say she is just as great a baker as she is a card maker!)

Give It a Whirl Dies for Halloween Gift Giving
Adorable Halloween decoration for handmade macarons in an Acetate Card Box!

I’d love to hear which of these designs was your favourite! Leave me a comment so Janine can see!

Click here to leave a comment.

I thought you might also want to know the answer to this question I asked Janine.

Name the top 3 tools you recommend for anyone starting to paper craft.

Paper cutter with scoring blade, sharp scissors, stamp cleaner!

Cute Halloween Cards with Give It a Whirl Dies for Halloween
Add some fun to your Halloween crafting with the Cute Handmade DSP!

Those are great recommendations Janine!

I hope you enjoyed Janine’s Give It a Whirl Ideas for Halloween – and be on the lookout for more Give It a Whirl inspiration coming up soon!

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