How cute is this handmade funny bunny punch art treat box?  His adorable toothy grin makes you want to chuckle!  And there’s just a hint of a twinkle in his eye because he’s got a secret too!  You’re going to want to make up a bunch of these for Easter once you get my FREE photo tutorial when you subscibe to my email.

handmade funny bunny punch art treat box

You have to admit, he’s got a quirkiness you just gotta LOVE!  I’m not sure why I think he’s a HE, especially when he has a Sweet Sugarplum bow, but he just is!

Did you figure out his secret yet? Take a look at the side view to see what he’s hopping by for you for Easter!

handmade funny bunny punch art treat box

Isn’t that great?  He’s decorating a Clear Tiny Treat Box!  Let me tell you, these boxes are real gems!  They’re a sturdy and durable container that are a cinch to put together.!  They are also not really so tiny, measuring 2″ square so you can fit a good quantity of treats in there!  (I have 15 eggs here – just enough for a sweet chocolate fix for anyone!)

While I love using the clear for this project so the foil eggs can shine through, my Holly Berry Christmas box was decorated to hide the inside goodies!  Wouldn’t these be perfect as little treat boxes for your kids, grandkids, friends, neighbours and co-workers this Easter?  The clear tiny treat boxes come in a package of 16 so you can entertain your whole family for brunch with these toothy fellas having pride of place as table place names!

Get all the directions to make your Funny Bunny Easter Treat Box now!

Here’s a view of his “tail” end!

handmade funny bunny punch art treat box

Want to know how you can make him for yourself?  He’s created with framelits and punches and a stamp you wouldn’t normally think of at Easter time!  You can get all the instructions when you subscribe to my mailing list!

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handmade funny bunny punch art treat box

Creating sweet treats like these are quick and easy…and lots of fun!  Subscribe to my mailing list today then make a handmade funny bunny punch art treat box for Easter…or maybe two or three!!


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