Want to see how colour makes a difference in card making? I’ve got three quick tips to know how to choose the RIGHT colour when you want to convey a certain “feeling”, so don’t go away!

Let’s see our design.

Look How Colour Makes a Difference in Card Making
Lovely Awash in Beauty DSP looks like a handmade watercolour painting

If you’ve ordered any of the recent Designer Series Papers, I bet you noticed this trend in each package? You get two sheets with a pattern on the “bottom” only so you can have an immediate card with minimum work!

Why would you want this? For those times when you’re running late and you -ooops! – forgot to make a card! Happens to me alllll the time!

You can see another beautiful handmade thank you card you might like made in exactly this way.

Before we get to the next card, take a peek at all the lovely patterns in the Awash in Beauty DSP.

Awash in Beauty DSP

With so many pretty choices here, it’s hard to know which colours to use for your stamping and card!

Let’s see if we can help.

How Colour Makes a Difference in Card Making

Let’s take a closer look at how you can convey different things with colours. Here are the two designs side by side.

Now, you might say, what’s the big deal? Both look pretty similar to me!

Let’s take a little closer peek and I can give you my 3 tips..

Tip 1: Match Your Dominant Colour

On the left card, you can see immediately green is the star of the show. It’s in the leaves everywhere! And in art generally, when the colour green is used it has a fresh and clean feel and signifies growth or renewal.

This card is going to a good friend who just retired, is looking to de-stress and has a love of plants. So it made sense to continue with this feeling of renewal by using the same Granny Apple Green in the larger font sentiment.

For the left hand card, you see a bigger mix of colours with the different flower varieties, especially the large one on the left border in Merry Merlot. I couldn’t actually say there really was a dominant colour on this piece! Certainly not the blue, coral or yellow.

But because this one is going to a friend who has been experiencing some health challenges, I wanted to pick what I thought was the most cheerful and affectionate colour and pull that out some more. To me, Polished Pink is the brightest tone and is ideal for my girl friend.

Tip 2: Think About Balance

I’ve got two ideas here. The first is the matting layer immediately behind the patterned paper. It matches the large “FRIEND” in both cases. I could have selected any colour in the paper for the matting, but when you add in too many colours, you run the risk of detracting from your main message

Another thing? If you start venturing into different colours from your stamped greetings, your design could start to look a little too “busy” and unbalanced.

Tip 3: How Does It Make YOU Feel?

As a paper crafter, half of the joy you get is in the designing and crafting and the other half in thinking about the person you’re making the card for. So we also have a very real reaction to the colours we use.

For me, Merry Merlot isn’t at the top of my favourite colours list as I don’t find it a happy colour. It has its place of course like in this gorgeous gilded leafing thank you card, but not on today’s card. Similarly, of all the colours in the DSP, Polished Pink is the best match with the Granny Apple Green.

And THOSE two colours make me happy! And I think will make my friend happy too.

Which One is Your Favourite?

Which card “speaks” to you more? The one with the green FRIEND or the pink FRIEND? Let me know why!

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Look to Your Paper

So the next time you’re trying to convey a certain “feeling” with your card, be sure to look at your colours. In the designer series paper, in your colouring choices, in your embellishments.

And if you’d love to give this paper and these stamps a try, a simple click here allows you to pin, print or order everything I used.

Look How Colour Makes a Difference in Card Making
Pretty flowery card for a friend

I hope you enjoyed learning how colour makes a difference in card making – I’d love it if you’d share some thoughts about how colour inspires how YOU craft!

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