Do you need my how to close a Stampin Up ink pad easily video? You just might if you’ve ever gotten ink all over your hands when you can’t get it closed!

You won’t believe how easy it is!

How to Close a Stampin' Up! Ink Pad Easily
How to Avoid Inky Fingers from Classic Ink Pads from Stampin’ Up!

Does this ever happen to you?

You’ve made a brilliant stamped panel with Poppy Parade, Mango Melody and Bermuda Bay.

(You love how those three look on a crisp white background.)

Your words are straight and perfectly inked.

Everything is in just the right spot.

It’s gorgeous!

You just need to glue it to the front of your card base and you’re done!

So you start to close up your ink pad.

But it won’t slide.

You push it.

You pull it.

Then grab that little ledge…squint, hold your breath, stick your tongue out…

…and plop your thumb right onto the pad itself.

Great! 😡 Poppy Parade all over it.

But you’ve done this before. So you give a little huff, grab a wet wipe and give it a swipe or two, blow it off and glue down your lovely stamped piece.

You turn it over to admire your card…

…and find a Poppy Parade fingerprint smack dab in the middle of your design.

Double 😡 !

Well let’s say sayanora to inked up thumbs and other digits!

How to Close a Stampin Up Ink Pad Easily

Click the triangle now to see how easy this is!

I hope that helps!

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