I’m excited to show you how to combine rustic and elegant in only ONE card! Are you making a Thanksgiving card in the next couple days to take to a turkey dinner? Your host will absolutely love this one which has all the best of bling with the softness of homespun!

Maybe you struggle with creating cards that are just little “downplayed” yet super gorgeous and pretty? Then this card is for you!

Learn How to Combine Rustic & Elegant in Only One Card
Create a duo card – rustic and elegant together!

Don’t you just love the shine of that fabulous Rose Gold 12×12 Specialty Paper? It’s a fantastic deal in one package! You don’t get just one or two sheets, you get three different tones of rose gold/copper, two 12×12 sheets each! One is iridescent, one is matte and one is super shiny metallic! See it here!

I used both the iridescent (in the back) and the shiny metallic for today’s wreath from the Cottage Wreaths bundle.

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you know I love wreaths! Wreaths work for every season, every occasion and are quick and easy to design with.

In fact you can see this video for 15 wreath cards to make for the holidays to give you some ideas how to create with them.

Or if you’re thinking about a holiday just a little earlier in the calendar, you might like to make a cute Halloween wreath card?

How to Combine Rustic and Elegant in Only One Card

So what are some of the ways to combine both these looks in just one design? Here are some tips.

Quick Tips for Instant Success

  • Don’t overdo the bling! Rather than placing lots of glitz and shine on your card pick only one or two elements to add sparkle or sheen. You’ll find a little goes a long way. If you add too much, the rustic parts can be washed out. At best, those lovely little touches don’t get noticed or at worst, detract from the card itself. Here, the wreath and the embellishments are the only parts with some shine so it works to enhance the “quieter” elements.
  • Use an embossing folder. Embossing folders work wonders! A simple dry embossed background can instantly make an understated “statement”! The Timber 3D embossing folder adds rustic texture to this card without detracting from the wreath. It’s there, but you almost don’t notice it!
Want to See How to Combine Rustic & Elegant in Only One Card?
The iridescence is a great foil to the 3D stamping
  • Keep your colours neutral. Rather than brights, or even jewel tones, when you’re aiming for a more homespun look, your browns, sepias and grey colours are where it’s at! So when you’re deciding on your elegant addition, pick a shiny or glimmery colour to complement those tones. The rose gold, almost copper look, coordinates beautifully here.
  • Pick a few embellishments to add a rustic feel. Most people don’t feel stamping is an embellishment. I’m hoping to change their minds! These little acorns are both adorable…and being a Distinktive stamp, make both a lighter and darker inking on just one little stamp! Totally rustic! Another two embellishments? The linen thread and coloured Natural Finish Ribbon (cut in half and coloured Cajun to match the cardstock) are perfect!

Is Rustic New to You?

If you’ve shied away from creating rustic cards, now’s the time to do a little creating! Take a couple of my tips and craft up a design ideal for this time of year.

After all, ladies love ’em and the guys? You just could get a “WOW” out of them!

Here are all the supplies I used – click on this list that you can print, pin or order from. Thanks so much for ordering with me if you live in Canada and supporting my Design with Jo business.

Let’s take a final look at how these elements coordinate to make a card your friends and family with love!

See How to Combine Rustic & Elegant in Only One Card
Wreaths on cards are always perfect!

Now you know how to combine rustic and elegant in only ONE card, which stamps and dies will you play with first to create this same lovely look and feel?