Today’s quick tip is about how to cut the Fresh as a Daisy DSP. You might be asking yourself, “now why would she bother to make a video about that?”


Because just like with Goldilocks, there’s one piece of paper in this package that’s not like all the others!

And there’s definitely a best way to trim it down so you get to use every single inch of it!

So let’s not waste any of it!

How to Cut the Fresh as a Daisy DSP

Why I lIke the Fresh as a Daisy DSP

I’ve had some folks, including my team members, who’ve said this paper isn’t really for them.

I get it.

Most of our designer series papers have the same (or similar colours) on all 6 of the double sided sheets.

But this one doesn’t.

However what it does have?

Single pieces that highlight a gorgeous mix of colours!

And I’ve found it such fun to play with! Plus the back sides of the papers showcase a painted palette you can use for just about ANYthing.

But what’s even more exciting?

That one piece that has TEN different panels.

Like this beautiful one featuring our luscious Boho Blue!

How to Cut the Fresh as a Daisy DSP

I paired it with a Boho Blue daisy (I know that might be a bit of a stretch 😋) and the new Copper Clay In Color.

Because something else this paper features?

Every single one of our new 2023-25 In Colors!

Which are beautiful!

So let’s get to how you can get the best bang for your buck with this patterned paper.

How to Cut the Fresh as a Daisy DSP

A simple click on the triangle will show you how.

While this video showcases the Fresh as a Daisy DSP, any time you purchase patterned paper with a sheet similar to this one, you can use this same tip!

To see another card I made using one of these panels, take a peek at simple card making with DSP showcasing heat embossing on our daisy stamps!

How to Cut the Fresh as a Daisy DSP

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