How to Earn Money from Rubber Stamping

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re just NUTTY when it comes to creating your own cards, scrapbook pages and other paper crafted items!
  • You’d rather rubber stamp than have a manicure, sip coffee with a friend or read the latest thriller by Stephen King.
  • You’ve got oodles of cash invested in wooden and rubber images, stamp pads and paper😚
  • Your significant other is considering a KonMari intervention for your craft room!

If you answered yes even once, you’ll be excited to hear YES, you CAN earn cool hard cash from your passion for rubber stamping. Let me tell you how.

But maybe you want to see today’s project first?

#simplestamping with the Happy Tails Bundle

How to Earn Money from Rubber Stamping Making CUTE Cards

I designed this simple card with the Happy Tails bundle to show three levels of stamping with my team, the Kreative Kanucks. This one uses only Happy Tails stamps, ink and paper along with the Dog Builder punch for a fun design anyone would love. I’ll show you the three levels throughout this post.

While we stamped, we chatted about why we join Stampin’ Up! And maybe more importantly, why we stay.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • earn money for family vacations
  • be part of / build a community of crafters
  • make something pretty
  • contribute to the household income
  • share my love of crafting with others
  • keep busy while my spouse works away
  • get together with friends
  • pay a few bills
  • work with the best rubber stamping company out there
  • earn a trip
  • get a discount on my stamp supplies

See those ones in there about making money? Those are not only dreams, they are reality. While there are a few other ways to earn like selling your artwork and greeting cards, or designing for rubber stamp companies, perhaps the easiest way is to become a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.

I’ve been a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator for almost 17 years. And for the last two years, I am happy to consider it my full time career. I DO make money with this art form. I DO contribute to our household income. And I DO love to welcome others who want to make money with it too.

Sign up now and become a Kreative Kanuck.

Step It Up #1

Here’s the first step up for you! Pretty much an identical card but with stitched hearts cut into the card front. And that cute trail of paws wandering along the edge? It’s on the right edge this time.

Let Me Tell You How to Earn Money from Rubber Stamping

So how does it work when you join Stampin’ Up!? You

  1. find $135 dollars worth of product you LOVE in any of the current catalogues (as if that’s a problem for ANY of us!)
  2. join an established team, like my Kreative Kanucks
  3. anxiously await your Starter Kit which includes your $135 of selected goodies (see 1 above😉) plus Business Builder items like customer order forms and catalogues which take about a week to arrive
  4. plan a fun get together with friends to stamp and show them super cute and fun projects they could make at home
  5. start to ring up some earnings

How Much Can I Earn?

Your first level of earnings is 20% of all your sales. With just a few get togethers under your belt, you quickly move to 25% with lots of opportunity for making more money.

Yes there are minimum quarterly requirements. All it takes is about one event per month and you’ve got that covered. Events are WHATEVER you want them to be. Stamp clubs, card making classes, home parties, online events, day retreats, fundraisers, stamping BINGOs, coffee get togethers…

The best part is YOU decide what you want to do.

And YOU decide HOW much you want to earn.

Step It Up #2

Let’s take a peek at the last, and most involved, project with the Happy Tails bundle amped up with the Be Mine Stitched framelits. Same colours, same overall design but a few more details to add interest.

How to Earn Money from Rubber Stamping and Doing What You LOVE!

This one even has some heat embossing on vellum to add a sheen to our greeting and paw

Let's Chat About How to Earn Money from Rubber Stamping

There’s a fun interior to this card too.

How to Earn Money from Rubber Stamping and Doing What You LOVE!

More Reasons to Join

So just like there are three versions of this card to appeal to different types and levels of stampers, there’s many reasons to join Stampin’ Up! One of the best is to earn money from something you love doing.

Another fabulous reason? You could get all the items to make our first #simplestamping card in your Starter Kit. These supplies are so cute for card making and just ideal for getting a jump start on your business.

Yes, I’d like to earn moola too by becoming a Stampin’ Up! demo.

How to Earn Money from Rubber Stamping
Big Shot

It's THIS Easy! How to Earn Money from Rubber Stamping

So the next time you’re sitting down in your stamp room considering how to indulge your love of creating and not feel like you’re burdening the family budget? Think about this.

How to earn money from rubber stamping IS a real possibility and I’d love to help you do that – email me at [email protected]

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