Don’t waste any more time and paper – let me show you how to get perfectly stamped labels every time with my latest JO-Tips video.

Does this ever happen to you?

You’ve designed the perfect card for your party in a little over an hour…it’s beautiful and now all it needs is a greeting.

You die cut one of the latest shapes, inked up your greeting, hummed a jaunty little tune and stamped. Only to take a peek and see…

AAAGH! Your greeting’s upside down. Or crooked! Or in the wrong colour ink!

Let me help!

This JO-Tip is made just for you if nothing frustrates you more than

  1. wasting time especially when you don’t have time to waste!, and
  2. wasting paper!

You can see here the items I used to demonstrate how you can add this quick and easy trick to your own stamping toolkit!

How to Get Perfectly Stamped Labels Every Time

How to Get Perfectly Stamped Labels Every Time

I lifted this excerpt from my recent video to show you how to make a watercolour card without lifting a paintbrush! Did you see it?

You might recall how pretty the greeting on the card is.

Click the triangle and find out how you can stamp labels like a PRO every single time!

I used this same technique on this bright and cheery fun fold card.

Need a Paper Crafting Question Answered?

If you have a stamping situation you get frustrated with, tell me what it is and I’ll see if I can give you a tip to make it easier! Add a comment now!

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Come Back Soon!

I love to give you tips and tricks to make your paper crafting fun, fun and more FUN! Wouldn’t you rather have a ball with that precious time you manage to squeeze in between work and obligations?

I thought so too!

So I hope you found this JO-Tip saves you lots of frustration! Less wasted time and less wasted paper!

Give it a try and see how awesome your labels can be!

How to Make a Watercolour Card without Lifting a Paint Brush

If you’d love to learn how to make this pretty watercolour card, click here now!

Now I realize we all get busy and forget everything we learn if we don’t use it regularly!

So if you ever need a quick refresher on how to get perfectly stamped labels every time, visit my JO-Tips YouTube playlist with a quick click here and I bet you’ll find other ways to save yourself time and money!