No stamps – no problem – let me tell you all about my steps for how to make a no stamp handmade card! Then when you pick up a package of super versatile double sided designer paper like the lovely Peony Garden, you’re off and running with your card making.

Let me show you this stunning design!

How to Make a No Stamp Handmade Card with Patterned Paper and Dies

Who has one of those Victorian miniature photos? The ones with all the curly cues on the frame and inside is a tiny photo? That’s what I was trying to recreate here.

How did I do?

Looks like I used a rubber stamp for my flower right? Not a chance! Instead I cropped a piece of the Peony Garden designer series paper after I coloured with my Stampin’ Blends.

If you’ve missed this lovely designer paper in the catalogue, you’re going to want to take a look at pages 82-83 of the 2020 Annual Catalogue. If you don’t have a copy, take a peek at the pdf here and skip to those pages for some spectacular designs.

Here’s the paper in a condensed image.

How to Make a No Stamp Handmade Card with Peony Garden Designer Paper

Isn’t this an interesting colour combination? So elegant and pretty. I especially like the mix of the two different greys. It really highlights how different they are!

Jo’s Tips for How to Make a No Stamp Handmade Card

1. Pick a key element for your focus

Do you want to focus on an image? Is there a fabulous new die you picked up you want to use? Or maybe you have an embossing folder that needs to be centre stage like I used on this card. Whatever it is for you, let it sit front and centre!

For my card, I decided I wanted an image to be my focal point. And since I was challenging myself to not add any stamps, I glanced through my DSP for some ‘pre-made’ images.

There are so many of them but I finally decided on one of the cropped smaller peonies in the Gray Granite paper. I knew I didn’t want a large image, but something much smaller I could highlight with the spectacular Ornate Frames dies.

2. Decide on a colour scheme

You may wonder why I chose the Gray Granite paper and not one of the Basic Gray ones? Because I also wanted to use my Stampin’ Blends to colour. And this colour paper is a bit more understated so the lines would step into the background a bit more once I coloured over them.

I also wanted to shade my peony once I coloured it. And there’s a Light Gray Granite Stampin’ Blend when worked perfectly for this. Can you see it just lightly outlining the flower?

How to Make a No Stamp Handmade Card with Peony Garden Designer Paper and Stampin Blends Alcohol Markers

Next I picked the green I would use for the stem and leaves. Surprised that was second? It’s because I wanted to make sure it would complement the Gray Granite. Andy Mossy Meadow seemed the best choice.

Lastly I decided on the flower colour. I wanted to stay in the pink tones, and thought the coral-ly colour of Flirty Flamingo would add a pop of pretty colour.

3. Layer, Layer, Layer

There are five layers of paper/cardstock in this design with the bow one additional one! But I don’t think it looks too bulky, do you? That’s because two of the layers are designer paper and much less heavy than card stock.

So there’s a hint for you: remember to pull out your patterned paper. It’s a great way to add both faux texture (that larger Gray Granite panel has a wonderfully cool design) and colour while still not breaking the bank for postage.

4. Do It With Dies

I hadn’t pulled out the Ornate Frames Dies for awhile and thought it would be perfect here. Why did I think they would be ‘da bomb’ here?

Because this square frame is small enough to add elegance without taking over the entire card.

Plus, the best part? The ornate die has a smaller frame that fits snugly inside it. A quick crop through my die cutting machine was all it took to make my miniature ‘photo’. TIP: Cut your piece of DSP just a little bit bigger than the die cut so your colouring goes right off the edge of the cropped frame.

I mounted these two dies on one more stitched square die in Mossy Meadow to highlight the glossy green leaves in the image.

How to Make a No Stamp Handmade Card with Well Written Dies

Because I thought the card front also needed a greeting, I pulled out my Well Written Dies. “Friend” seemed ideal here cropped from Flirty Flamingo to match both the peony and the card base. TIP: It’s attached on the left side with a couple dots of my liquid glue and then tiny pieces of my dimensionals cut down in behind the ‘e’ and the ‘d’.

5. Add Some Final Touches

A pretty bow coloured to match the leaves fits in with the “Victorian” look. I used my Dark Mossy Meadow Stampin’ Blends to colour directly on the ribbon. TIP: Just let it dry a few minutes before tying it onto your card.

And of course we can’t forget a bit of bling. This time just three little Clear Epoxy Shapes.

Give It a Try!

If you think you can’t make a card without using rubber stamps, I know that’s not true. Give this one a try. Pull out some nested dies like any of the Layering ones to see what you can come up with.

Here is everything I used. Add them to your own no stamp cardmaking by clicking on any of them here.

How to Make a No Stamp Handmade Card

Thanks for Stopping By

I love it when you take a moment to take a peek at what I’ve been playing with in my studio. I sure hope my design today gives you a shot of inspiration and you’ll give it a try. When you do, be sure to send me a pic so I can see!

How to Make a No Stamp Handmade Card with Peony Garden Designer Paper

Those are the tips and steps I use for how to make a no stamp handmade card – hope they help you to make one soon too!

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