I’ve heard your gnashing of teeth – let me show you how to make the perfect bow with my latest JO-Tips video.

You know how sometimes you’d love to add a bow to your card creations? But you just can’t get the gosh darn thing to lie properly?

This video shows you in seconds how to forever have the bow with the perfect trailing tails!

This is an excerpt from a recent Facebook Live video. And I had some great comments so thought it might be something everyone would love to learn.

How to Make the Perfect Bow

No matter what kind of ribbon you use, you’ll get super bows. While I use the Iridescent Trim to add some fun to the top of my Giggle Gnomes tag, you can use just about anything.

When you see how easy these are to master, you’ll have bows on bags, tags, boxes, cards and scrapbook pages! Even the cat and dog will have matching bows for the holidays! 🤣

How to Make a Perfect Bow

Click the triangle to find out how to become an A-Plus bow maker in no time!

You can see another totally different looking bow on this roses in a teacup handmade card.

Have You Got a Paper Crafting Technique Question?

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See You Next Time!

Did you get a chance to take a peek at the video? Thanks for watching!

I’m going to leave you with a look at a slightly different version of this tag and bag.

If you’d love to see the entire tag and bag being made start to finish, head on over to my Facebook group, the VIPeeps. It’s free to join and we have lots of fun! Click here now and watch this live replay.

I hope you found this JO-Tip useful. You never know when that perfect bow is the last thing you need to add to your stunning card!

And if you ever need a refresher on how to make the perfect bow, just head on over to my JO-Tips YouTube playlist with a quick click here.