Today I want to show you how to make photopolymer stamps sticky again! If you’ve had this problem, you know how frustrating it can be! And the good news is, it’s actually pretty easy to fix!

Photopolymer stamps are wonderful! there’s no doubt about it!

They’re awesome for perfect placement! You can see right through them to ensure your image is going exactly where you want it to!

Just like on this lovely two step rubber stamped flower card.

Learn How to Make Photopolymer Stamps Sticky Again
Photopolymer Stamps Made Beautiful Cards

But many of us find they are fabulous to begin with but somewhere along the line, the stick just up and leaves!

Then they don’t stick on your clear acrylic blocks or your Stamparatus anymore! Even when you’ve cleaned them like you’re supposed to on your Simply Shammy or Stampin’ Scrub!

Believe it or not this is quite common.

And if you love to heat emboss and use an anti-static powder, or glitter, you may find this happens more often to you.


Because those little bits of “dust” and powder get onto the photopolymer and stick like glue. You can tell if this is your issue by simply touching them. They’ll feel dry and maybe even a tiny bit bumpy.

Why Is This a Problem?

Besides being a pain in the patootie, un-sticky stamps become a problem in a few different ways:

  1. They might stick a little bit to your block but fall off as you’re trying to ink it up on top of your stamp pad. Then you’re fingers get all inky when you pick it up and clean it.
  2. Your stamp won’t stick to the cover plastic in your stamping case either. This means it could dislodge and get lost somewhere. (this happened to me with a tiny set of butterfly antennae and I have never found it).
  3. You can’t clean it because it won’t stick enough to a block so you have to take it in your hands and rub it on your Simply Shammy or Stampin’ Scrub.

It’s such a shame to not use your stamps when 1) they’re so pretty and 2) you paid for them!! So what can you do about it?

Let me show you in under TWO minutes how you can get the stick back!

How to Make Photopolymer Stamps Sticky Again

Click the triangle to see how now!

See how easy that is? You may need to do this periodically if you find they gum up again but you will immediately be able to use them with confidence again.

A Card Made with Photopolymer Stamps

Here’s another pic of that pretty card made with the Art Gallery stamps after I cleaned them in the video.

Learn How to Make Photopolymer Stamps Sticky Again in this Quick Video
Create a Gorgeous Flower with Simple Watercolour Techniques

This is one of my favourite cards from my Watercolour Backgrounds for Card Makers online class. And it was so easy to create with my clean photopolymer stamps!

Give It a Try for Yourself

I hope you’re going to give this tip a try too. You’ll find you can easily get years more life back in those dry and dusty old photopolymer stamps!

Take one last look at how lovely they can create when they stick nicely to your block again!

Quick Video for How to Make Photopolymer Stamps Sticky Again
Art Gallery Photopolymer Stamps Make Lovely Cards

Besides this video tip for how to make photopolymer stamps sticky again, I’ve got lots more JO-Tips videos you might like – click here to see them!

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