Want to know how to pair different diecuts on handmade cards? If you tend to use dies from only one set together on a card design, STOP!

Expand your options!

Have fun combining and getting more life from your tools!

I want to show you 3 different dies I’ve used together on today’s project.

But more importantly, find out why I’ve picked the ones I did!

First check out our spicy fiesta bday card!

How to Pair Different Diecuts on Handmade Cards
Cute fiesta themed birthday design featuring three different dies!

What’s the first thing you notice? I think it might be the playful circles in the Polished Pink?

Or I guess it could be the bold, bright colours of Parakeet Party, Tahitian Tide and Polished Pink.

Well, if our dies and colours are vying for the Best Leading Actor award, the Taco Fiesta stamp set is definitely the supporting cast!

We can create a whole host of fun taco-themed images and give them personality with fun expressions. I chose to only use the mustachioed fella today but you can see the full menagerie in these 5 surefire tips for handmade cards they won’t forget!

How to Pair Different Diecuts on Handmade Cards

I predict you’ll be pulling out all your dies to look at a bit more closely after reading this!

1. Go For Shape

Dies with more “generic” shapes are going to be the best bang for your paper crafting buck. Circles, squares, ovals, rectangles. They’ll never go out of style so they will be real workhorses in your stamp space.

Plus they pair together beautifully. Both for more classy and elegant designs, and cute and whimsical ones like this one.

Here I’ve used three different ones together : Picture This, Stitched Rectangle and Stylish Shapes.

How to Pair Different Diecuts on Handmade Cards
Three different sets of die “shapes”

You may have thought the circles were all cut separately. But they’re all part of one die and cut all at once. I love how the different circle sizes and placement add a touch of fun!

2. Look for a Match Made in Heaven!

Both the Picture This and the Stitched Rectangle Dies have…stitching lines.

So when you use them together, it looks like they came from the same set. Just like they were made for each other!

Whenever you can match up similar characteristics like this, you know you’ve just doubled up your diecutting options!

Although the Stylish Shapes don’t have the same kind of stitching lines, you can see a dotted line on the inside of the label. I chose this one since I loved the shape, it was juuuust big enough to fit the greeting, and it still creates a bit of cohesion with the details on the inside of the banner.

How to Pair Different Diecuts on Handmade Cards
Mix and match different die details, like stitching marks, for effect

3. Size Matters

Nesting dies – or ones that have multiple dies of the same shape in graduated sizes will always lend themselves to pairing together. The Stitched Rectangles and Stylish Shapes both have larger and smaller dies in the exact same shape. It means you can mat them together without having to worry about the shapes being ever so slightly different.

The largest Stitched Rectangle is the one that fit the best around the circles. Plus at 3 3/4″ x 5 1/8″ it’s almost exactly the right size for a traditional matting on cards.

You know what’s the BEST part about each of these dies? They aren’t married to a stamp set! All the shapes will work on their own and will pair with MULTIPLE stamp sets. So you’re even LESS restricted!

Time to Do a Check!

Take a gander through all your metal dies to see which ones will pair together the best. You may find a lot more combinations than you might at first think!

Try a few of them out on your next card making adventure and I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised how well they work together!

If you’d like to play with some of the things I did, click on this list of supplies I used that you can print, pin or order from. Thanks a bunch for supporting my Design with Jo business.

Did You See This Detail?

If you go back up one photo, did you notice the little details?

To ground the greeting, I added some background colour using scraps.

First I added a 1/2″ strip of Tahitian Tide right through and behind the circle. Then I used up a small scrap of Daffodil Delight 6″x6″ DSP, also 1/2″ high, but I only glued it to about 2/3’s of the way INTO the circle from the right and down about 1/8″ from the top of the Tahitian Tide scrap.

That way, when I added my banner, I could adhere it over top of both of them and just a little offside for more interest.

How to Pair Different Diecuts on Handmade Cards
Celebrate a friend’s birthday with a bright and cheery card!

I hope you got a kick out of this card, and it’s one you might want to send to your own friends.

And now you know how to pair different diecuts on handmade cards, see how many more uses you can get from the paper crafting tools you already own!