Well that’s a different title isn’t it – how to replace your double sided adhesive?  I’m starting a new series for you to answer all your paper crafting questions. Some will have a video like this one, and some will have a photo tutorial. My goal is to make your paper crafting easier and more fun.

Where’s the card you ask?  Well, I have a super simple one of those too.  Let’s take a peek.

Let Me Show You How to Replace Your Double Sided Adhesive

Pretty easy and classic layout in traditional Christmas colours.  But what’s ONE thing 99% of all our cards have in common? 

We all use adhesive.  Otherwise, how else would they stick together?  🧐

And the SNAIL double sided tape dispenser is one of our favourites.  Why?  It’s

  • convenient
  • fast
  • has a pretty decent stick
  • easy to use

But you might be surprised that a couple common questions I get from newbies an seasoned paper crafters alike are

1. Can I refill this once it’s done?  Absolutely YES!

2. How does this thing fit in here?  Let me show you!

How to Replace Your Double Sided Adhesive

Send Me Your Questions!

With my Jo-Tips videos, I answer your burning paper crafting questions.  Pretty much anything goes, but really the simpler the better.  So what does that mean? No question is a stupid question!

And if I don’t know the answer? I’ll find it out for you.

Quick VIDEO for How to Replace Your Double Sided Adhesive

Want more tips and tricks?  Here are a few other Jo-Tips videos you might like.

I’d love it if you would send me what topics you’d like me to feature in a short Jo-Tips video at [email protected].

Make It At Home!

This simple card can be recreated with a couple punches and a bit of designer paper. It’s a template I use over and over again and just change up the colours and DSP. Try it yourself!

Here are all the items I used.

How to Replace Your Double Sided Adhesive

A Big Thank You

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure you check back often for more quick Jo-Tips videos!

Ever Wondered How to Replace Your Double Sided Adhesive?

And once you’ve watched my video for how to replace your double sided adhesive, be sure to let me know YOUR burning paper crafting questions!

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