Today I want to show you how to sharpen your card making tools easily! With a surprising household item!

Keep ‘Em Sharp!

So why do you want to keep your card making tools sharp?

First and most importantly, so you can get the most mileage out of them! I’ve been using one set of Paper Snips from Stampin’ Up! for 18 years, and my second set for 15!

That’s a long time! And all I do is a little maintenance on them every once in awhile and I’m sure they will last me forever!

Secondly? So you don’t waste paper! Have you ever made a cut with your punch and it has fuzzy edges around it? Or it doesn’t punch all the way through the paper? Or the paper rips as you are taking it out of the punch?

These are all signs your punch needs a little sharpening TLC.

Or maybe you have a guillotine cutter like the little one I have you can see in the photo? If you ever have a paper edge that gets a little folded over and bent when you are trying to cut it?

That’s why you need to know how to sharpen them up!

A Quick and Inexpensive way for how to sharpen your card making tools

The bonus is it hardly costs anything to keep your tools in a tip tip sharpened state!

How to Sharpen Your Card Making Tools

Let me show you in just over TWO minutes how you can get save money on your paper crafting cutting tools with this household item you have around the house.

Click the triangle to see how to get more mileage from your tools now!

Now isn’t that easy?

Here’s another tip for keeping your Paper Snips and clear blocks free of adhesive and clean too.

A Little Note

Just a note for those of you who have rotary paper cutters like our Stampin’ Trimmer. I have not tried this on our trimmer blades as I am finding you get multiple cuts from one blade (I think I’ve only had to replace one blade in a year and a half!).

Since that blade is much smaller than the three cutting tools I’ve demonstrated in the video, I would be cautious about it catching as you are sharpening it. So if you are going to try it, just do so with caution.

Maintenance Time!

If you’d like to see all the family of Stampin’ Up! cutting tools, you can click here to take you to my ordering site. And all the punches can be found by clicking here.

Now you know my tip for how to sharpen your card making tools, think of how many more stamps you can add to your stash with the money you save on tool!