Today I want to show you a super duper quick hack for how to unstick a stamp pad! Check it out in my ultra short don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it JO-Tips video!

Do you have any of our gorgeous Stampin’ Up! ink pads? There are currently 50 wonderful colours and they are a breeze to stamp with to create lovely paper crafts.

VIDEO Tip How to Unstick a Stamp Pad
Create Beautiful Cards with Stampin’ Up! Ink Pads

Stampin’ Up! Stamp Ink Pads

We have four colour families and one additional one with our 10 trendy In Colors (like the four above). They are:

  • Subtles
  • Brights
  • Regals
  • Neutrals
  • In Colors

Within each colour family you’ll find 10 different colours to choose from to give you beautiful stamped results. Although you can purchase the individually, the best way is to save 10% and order them by family!

You might have a few pads that you’ve had for a little while that might look a little different. If you’d like to learn more about the changes made to them three years ago (yes, that long already), take a peek at this video.

Now if you do have some of our current stamp pads, have you found them a bit difficult to open and close at times?

Yup, I hear ya. I’ve found myself they can get a bit “stuck” sometimes which is a bit frustrating. Not to mention messy for your fingers!

So what’s the solution? Read on…

How to UnStick a Stamp Pad

Learn how you can unstick them in seconds! Click the triangle to watch the video now.

There are a bunch of different ways we can really maximize the use of our ink pads. If you’d like a few ideas on how you can use yours for different techniques, click here!

Get Your Craft Pads Unstuck!

OK it’s time to dig out a white crayon, or a wax candle (like maybe a birthday cake candle?) and make all your colours a cinch to open!

If you’d love to give our stamp pads a try, or want to grab a family at a discount, please click on any image below to order to have it shipped directly to your home. Using these links has no additional cost to you and supports my business.

Thank you so much for shopping with me.

All Our Colour Families

What Other Tips Do You Need?

Did you know I have a bunch of different JO-Tips videos you can check out for little tricks like this one to make your craft time more fun? You can see them all here.

And I’m always looking for new questions to answer and tips to share! Let me know if you have something you’d like to know.

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Now you know my tip for how to unstick a stamp pad, I hope you never have a sticky stamp pad issue again!

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