Ooh, you’re going to love the Jolly Gingerbread Paper Pumpkin coming this November!  What a cute set of stamps to send your holiday greetings!

Jolly Gingerbread Paper Pumpkin
Cute Gingerbread Stamped Creations in a Box!

Customize Your Christmas Crafting!

Get this kit in-a-box for fun festive projects with all the supplies for 15 gift card carriers. The kit’s contents can also be used to make traditional cards or gift tags.

This month’s kit will arrive on your doorstep in a collectible, gingerbread-themed box!

Whether you’re just starting to craft or been at it for awhile, this is a wonderful way to increase your card making skills!

Beginner crafters can explore their creativity and spread the Christmas spirit all at once.

If you’ve been creating a while, you’ll be thrilled to learn about this special-edition box on its way to you! You won’t want to miss it!

And if you were a subscriber and want to get back into it, reactivate their subscription for the holidays. This sweet, seasonal kit is ideal!

Take a peek!

But you must subscribe by November 10th. Don’t miss out!

Subscribe now for this cute kit.

You will love the Jolly Gingerbread Paper Pumpkin!

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