Why not make a teacher gift they won’t throw out this year?  Yeah, it’s sad but true.  Teachers love getting thank you’s from their “I’m-ready-for-summer-running-out-the-door-thanks-Mr.B-see-you-next-year” gang, but they can only keep so many of them from one year to the next. 

So rather than have your little one’s gift hit the “re-gift” pile, let’s make them something they’ll use all year long with my FREE pdf and photo tutorial!

make a teacher gift they won't throw out

Now isn’t that the sweetest little face you ever did see?  But his little mug isn’t what I want you to notice!  It’s the stamped frame around his cute little mug!  Look again.

make a teacher gift they won't throw out


Aha!  Something you can put together in minutes with a dollar store frame, your Thick Whisper White, your stamp pads and the Painted Harvest set.  (And if you want to get fancy, which is totally optional, a couple word die cuts!)

But you’re right. Not every teacher has an affection for man’s best friend (which frankly I can’t understand!).  But if that’s the case, how about this one?

Un huh…no little tykes running around?  Then maybe this one?

Maybe they tied the knot recently?  Or one of their kidlits did?  Perhaps, they have a new grandchild like this mischievous little gaffer?

make a teacher gift they won't throw out

I think you get the picture (absolutely no pun intended – well at least not the first time it popped into my head! 🤣)  

Your little Sally or Bob spent a full year with the same teacher right? So you probably have some ideas of how you can create a keepsake frame for them that will be meaningful for their life.  Just go with what you know!  Then when you pair a super versatile stamp set like Painted Harvest with a mix of different colours (I give you all four of my faves below), you’ll have a one-of-a-kind treasure they will love!

Your project will take only an hour or so to create with my step-by-step instructions and photos.  Click the button to get it now.

So what’s so special about the Painted Harvest set and why did I use it?  

  1. Although the flower is intended to be a sunflower, you can make practically ANY colour of flower and it looks great (even poinsettias!)
  2. It’s a two-step stamp so it delivers lots of colour quickly so your project is fun and fast.
  3. Precise placement isn’t a MUST with these stamps so even new stampers and little fingers can have fun stamping the frame too – and have it turn out fab-U-lous!
  4. You get a variety of leaf stamps so if you’re not sure about the fern-looking one I used, switch it out.
  5. The set includes gratitude sentiment so you can include that as your greeting right on the frame if you wish!

Each of the frames I’ve created uses a different colour palette.  Let me tell you what each one is so you can root around in your stash and pull out the same colours.  And if you need any of these supplies – and live in Canada – simply click on the image to shop In my 24-7 paper crafting store to have it delivered straight to your door.

make a teacher gift they won't throw out

make a teacher gift they won't throw out

Did you get your FREE pdf yet?  School’s almost done for this year.  So just click here and start crafting today!  You only need a little bit of time to make these awesome frames!

These are just a few ideas to get you started.  I know you’ll come up with super themes personal to your child’s teacher.

And no matter which colours – or theme – you choose, you will have fabulous results.  Not only will they appreciate the time you took to make a teacher gift they won’t throw out, they’ll want your child back next year to see what other appreciation gifts you come up with!

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