It’s soooo cool to see how to make different coloured embossing powder to add pizzazz to your cards! You’ll be amazed how easy it is to multiply your coloured embossing powder collection immediately!

Can you tell the colour I used on my greeting for this card?

It’s easy to make your own coloured embossing powders!

It might be a little difficult to tell, but maybe the colour of the ribbon gives a hint?

That’s our new Rose Gold & White 5/8″ Striped Ribbon. Pretty isn’t it?

So I had to try and come up with a colour of embossing powder to match a bit better since gold was too yellow and silver too…well silver!

How to Make Different Coloured Embossing Powder to Add Pizzazz

It’s so so easy to create your own colour and you really don’t need a lot of powder. A little goes a long way!

Jo’s Steps for Lots of Versatile Embossing Powder Colours

  1. Purchase the Basics and Metallics embossing powder assortments. Or if you want to start with only one, I would recommend the Metallics as your best bet for some cool colours.
  2. Have a spare small container or two you can mix into. I put my regular powders into a larger reusable plastic container like you can get at a dollar store. Then I save the empty jars the powder came in for mixing.
  3. Trial and error mixing. I created several different colours of powder by taking a little (a 1/4-1/2 a teaspoon maybe?) of one colour and mixing it into another. For today’s card, I created my own Rose Gold colour with silver and gold mixed pretty much equally together with a little bit of copper.
  4. Shake it up! With the lid on the jar, shake so the powders are well mixed. Then use them as you do any other powder and see if you like the colour.
  5. Add & add again. If your colour isn’t quite to your liking, add more of one of the colours, maybe more silver if it’s too “yellow” or “red”, or more gold if you see too much silver, etc. Play until you get a colour you like.

This shot shows you the true colour. And take a peek at that awesome iridescent Rose Gold foil embellishment! It sure picks up the red and purples with this particular photo angle!

how to make different coloured embossing powder to add pizzazz
Mix silver and gold together to get a more rose gold or platinum colour

If you love heat embossing, here’s another elegant wedding card tutorial you can make to wow your friends!

What Colours of Powder Will YOU Make?

Whether you play with metallics or the basics, you’re going to have lots of fun designing your own signature powder colours! One that I really like is mixing the clear with gold to make it ultra shiny!

You can see all the supplies I used by simply clicking on this list you can print, pin or order from. I so appreciate you supporting my business.

But maybe just a word to the wise?

In this light that iridescent rose gold really catches the green and yellow tones

This can be a little, um, addicting! You’ll have all kinds of colours before you know it! So try adding just small amounts of your colours so you have lots of variety.

Regardless, now you know how to make different coloured embossing powder to add pizzazz, I predict you’re going to need LOTs of empty jars to make your own specialized colours!

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