Today I want to show you my favourite colour combination for Valentine’s…well the latest one anyway! 😜

Ever since I was a kid, I loved Valentines! Those cute little punch-out books we used to get with the watercoloured images? Who remembers those?

I used to pore for hours over who would get which Valentine. And if you were like me, you maybe agonized over whether to give that special boy a Valentine or not!

Now I’m a little more long in the tooth, I still enjoy the happiness of sending a Valentine card. And my colour choices haven’t gone too far from the norm.

Take a peek.

Want to Know My Favourite Colour Combination for Valentine's?
Red and Pink All the Way for Valentine’s Cards

There’s just something for me about these bright colours! No pastels for me – well, at least this year!

This card pairs some simple stamping with stand-out die cuts. I am having so much fun with the Lots of Heart bundle. And although it’s ideal for a Valentine’s, I am loving its versatility for many other occasions. Check out this cheerful card to see what I mean.

My Favourite Colour Combination for Valentine’s

Real Red, our new Magenta Madness paired with a crisp Basic White and you’ve got a perfect Valentine.

My Favourite Colour Combination for Valentine's
Pink & Red for Valentines? I Say Yes!

Why is this my favourite?

I think it’s the bright, almost fluorescent quality of the Magenta Madness. It really pops against both the other colours.

Never use red and pink together yourself?

I’ve put a few more Valentines-ish cards together using the same – and other – colour combos. Anyone, anywhere can come play and create these super designs in my Lots of Heart Zoom Class on January 27th.

Click here to get more information on how you can join in.

The Lots of Heart Bundle Makes Wonderful Valentines

A Closer Look

Look how awesome this stitched scalloped heart is with Magenta Madness peeking through! I die cut the red panel first, then a second white scalloped heart to inset into it. My silicone craft sheet and my sponge came in handy to dab on glue so it would sit in place securely.

A second heart on top adds dimension and carries our greeting and some whimsical hearts.

Off to the left side, the sweet little bow made from the Playful Pets ribbon and affixed with a glue dot complements it wonderfully.

See Why This is My Favourite Colour Combination for Valentine's
The Lots of Heart Bundle Makes Wonderful Valentines

Simple, yet all you need to say Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now It’s Your Turn!

If you’ve been pondering what to create for your own Valentines, grab some heart dies, stamps and your favourite colours. Whether they’re the same as mine, or your own special combination, craft up some valentines and pop them into the mail.

And think about joining in my Lots of Heart Zoom class for a shot of inspiration. Or if you would rather other colour choices than the ones I’ve shown? No problem. In my classes, YOU get to decide what you want to play with! I send you the cutting measurements in advance so you can decide!

Click on any of the supplies you see here to add them to your own card making supplies.


What’s Your Favourite?

I ‘m always curious to hear whether your favourites are the same or different from mine. Let me know what you like to use for handmade Valentine’s.

Click here to leave a comment.

My Favourite Colour Combination for Valentine's
What’s Your Favourite Colour Combo for Valentines?

And now you know my favourite colour combination for Valentine’s, maybe pull out some colours you might not think work together and play a bit in your craft space – you might just LOVE the results!

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