Because you’ll use them every day, today let’s talk about my top 5 tools for paper crafting! Without fail, these are the go-to tools you’ll reach for every single time you start to play with paper!

In this first video in my series of Beginner Paper Crafting Tips, I’ve got some info on why they’re in my top 5. Then find out a few tricks on how to use them so all your paper crafting projects are 100% awesome!

Top 5 Tools for Paper Crafting
What are my top 5 tools for paper crafting?

I’m often asked “what do you use to make cards”? And while I have lots of things in my paper crafting toolkit, many just don’t do double and triple duty like these 5 do! And not just for card making, but for all kinds of paper crafting.

So let’s get to it!

Top 5 Tools for Paper Crafting

Click the triangle to hear about the why and how around these tools.

And here they are so you can see them even more close-up!

#1 Paper Trimmer

You can’t do any kind of paper crafting without a good quality paper cutter. This one gets lots of pluses!

Top 5 Tools for Paper Crafting
My #1 tool for paper crafters

#2 Bone Folder

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about the how and why about scoring, click here.

Top 5 Tools for Paper Crafting
Everyone needs one of these to paper craft

#3 Paper Snips

Everyone knows what scissors do, but have you ever thought about why some are better than others? I cover that in the video.

Top 5 Tools for Paper Crafting
Find out why some scissors are better for you than others

#4 Mono Multi Liquid Glue

We often shorten this to just “liquid glue” or “green glue”. But no matter what you call it, you never want to be without this paper crafting workhorse!

Top 5 Tools for Paper Crafting
If I only had one adhesive, this would be it!

#5 Silicone Craft Sheet

You might wonder how this tool made it into the top 5. You’ll love what it can do for you!

Top 5 Tools for Paper Crafting
You might be surprised why this is in my top 5 tools for paper crafters!

I know this post is a little different from my normal ones. No colourful cards or fun folds. But I hope you found it useful. Whether you’re new to paper crafting or have been having fun with paper for years, I hope you picked up a trick or two!

So now you know my top 5 tools for paper crafting, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my nextBeginner Paper Crafting Tips video all about what you need to start rubber stamping!

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