If I could show you how easy it is to never lose your Embossing Buddy again would you give this tip a try?

It’s so simple! Yet I didn’t do it for the longest time.

Until my friend Lillian reminded me – again – of what she does!

So I thought you might like to know too.

And voila! My latest JO-Tips video for you!

Wait! What IS an Embossing Buddy?

Oops! Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

If you’re unsure what I’m talking about when I say “embossing buddy”, it’s a tiny little pouch of powdery stuff. A magic little pouch really! That makes your heat embossing A1 perfect on your handmade cards!

And who doesn’t want that??

To find out exactly how to use it, take a peek at this post: What is an Embossing Buddy for Rubber Stamping?

That Illusive Little Embossing Buddy!

What do you MOST often use your Embossing Buddy with?

Your Versamark pad right?

Never Lose Your Embossing Buddy Again
These go together like peanut butter and jelly!

In fact, that’s really when you WANT to use it the most.

But if your craft room is anything like mine, it often looks like a bomb went off in it!

Paper, stamps, ink pads and embellishments laid out everywhere! Tools like my bone folder, SEAL adhesive and Take Your Pick Tool playing hide and seek with me!

So it’s often not an exaggeration to say I could use all the help I can get when it comes to laying my hands on a tool FAST!

So this little tip is like a pot of gold!

Never Lose Your Embossing Buddy Again

Click the triangle for a super short way to keep that darned little Embossing Buddy close at hand.

There. Now wasn’t that easy?

Want More Tips to Make Your Paper Crafting Easier?

I hope you found this JO-Tip useful.

It’s amazing how little it takes to create some order out of chaos!

So now it’s time to get into your craft area and start to have fun – to play! Not spend time searching for a tool!

And if you ever need a reminder on how to never lose your embossing buddy again, just head on over to my JO-Tips YouTube playlist with a quick click here.