Are you ready for the unveiling of my new craft room organization? I’ve got a walk through video you won’t want to miss!

If you haven’t seen my last last couple posts about both the demolition and renovation, then outfitting my new space, be sure to click on the blue writing first to see the progression with tips and ideas to keep in mind if you’re doing a reno yourself!

Or even if you just want to pick up a few ideas!

Boxes and Boxes of Stuff to Unpack in My New Craft Room Organization!!

If you’re anything like me, as a paper crafter you’ve accumulated a treasure trove of paper crafting supplies!

You can see exactly how many BOXES I had in storage in the short video in my last post!

I had more than a few moments of panic when I started to move and unpack my boxes and boxes (and boxes) of “good stuff”!

Even with a room this size, where was it all going to fit?!

New Craft Room Organization

Stampin’ Up! Items Were the First to Move!

I knew the first priority was to get myself set up for my Stampin’ Up! business. That meant all my current supplies, papers, inks, stamps and tools as well as my live streaming items needed to be organized first.

New Craft Room Organization

But it did seem like every second box I opened had things OTHER than my SU! stuff. So I moved in my “pantry” units and filled them quickly with my calligraphy, Zentangle and jewelry-making supplies.

(I should go back soon and organize them a little better LOL!)

New Craft Room Organization

While this was actually fun – sorta! – I did move things around a bit after I first placed them (you can see that in the walk through video below) as I started to use them.

Although it did take a couple days, gradually things started to come together and my room took shape.

Here’s a peek at my “island” where the bulk of my creating is done.

New Craft Room Organization

This is the focal point of my room and was important to set up so it was easy to reach for items when I’m doing a live or recording a video.

New Craft Room Organization – A Video Walk Through

I’ve got the full walk through for you right here!

A Few of My Favourite Parts of My Studio!

While you may have already seen the video and heard about my storage and organization solutions, you might like to also see some still photos of just a couple of my favourite things:

  • paper holders in my 2×4 Kallax unit from Ikea
  • Billy bookcase for my retired stamps and dies (also from Ikea)
  • my older turntable storage for my punches and excess ink refills
  • display area in my built in cupboards
  • storage for my inks courtesy of Stampin’ Up!
  • my cutting and die cutting work area and lateral file storage under my window (Galant units from Ikea)

Thanks so much for following me along on this renovation journey!

This entire process was a great learning in patience for me in many ways! 😳

I needed to wait on contractors, had to continue working while the transformation was taking place and some of the renovation was delayed. My hubby bore the brunt of the gnashing of teeth and lamenting over the months. Good thing he’s already a pretty patient guy!

But, I love, love, LOVE how my new craft room organization came together in the end – and I hope you picked up some ideas too!