Puzzled by PopUps that don't, well...POP?

Finally! Guaranteed pops every time!

You'll never throw one out again!

Uncomplicated directions are the key to making perfect popup cards and these clear and concise instructions are only available through my positively polished

PopUps with Pizzazz Online Class! 

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Have you ever thought this about popup cards?

  • I love popup cards, but they look too complicated for me to make.
  • I tried a popup card once and when I was done…it didn’t pop up ūüė°!
  • Most classes I’ve bought have been hard to follow, or
  • I don’t have all the special things you need to make a pop up card.

Yes? Then keep scrolling to learn how you can master the mystery of pop up cards!

¬†You’ve seen those cute ideas and classes for adorable pop up cards.

Gosh, you might even have purchased an online pop up class before. And ended up frustrated when your cards didn’t, well…POP!

You followed the steps. You cut and glued like she said. But when you finally opened the finished card, all you got was a big flat…nothing!

Nothing popped. The popup part didn’t even move. Or even worse, you could see it OUTSIDE the card!

The good news is, it wasn’t your fault!

The instructions maybe weren’t clear. Or perhaps some tiny, but super important detail was left out!


The great news is this class will have you creating perfect popups in no time!

 Finally master how to measure, cut, assemble and glue YOUR your cards so every popup gives a little jolt of pleasure!

Create some fun interactive designs to WOW your family and friends!!

Whether you’re a total novice or just looking to brush up on your skills, our class is the perfect place to learn, grow, and most importantly, have a blast!

If you’ve failed at popups before, you’ll love how easy it is to follow along and create with me in my step-by-step videos and with your detailed measurements tutorial in Imperial and metric!¬†


Learn more than one variety of popup!

There are many different types of popup cards you can make.

Let’s start with three super do-able picks you’ll become a pro at in no time! You might even be surprised which ones we’re going to start with!¬†

But don’t put it off!

This class is available for only a limited time!

I was hesitant at first too!

I have to admit, popups scared me!

They looked so intricate! What if I made a wrong cut? What if I glued something the wrong way? What if my little popup doohickey thing-a-ma-jig just didn’t do the trick?

Just like you, I don’t have unlimited time or money to spend making dud cards just to throw them out! So you might be wondering…how did I step up to the paper cutter and face that fear?

By disassembling a few different designs and recreating them step by step!

And by figuring out what type of popup was the EASIEST to make!

So now, since I had a ball playing with popups that actually worked, it’s time to de-mystify them for you in a class!

As one of our regular class participants says, “Jo’s so organized and clear with her instructions, I can’t mess up!”

Class Must Haves You’ll Get!

Use Your Own Stash of Supplies 

Build confidence by re-creating each design with different supplies to send joy in an envelope to family & friends! Find out which supplies you probably already OWN are great to enhance pop up cards. 

What Papers to Avoid (Some Just Don’t Work for Popups!)

Learn how to pick your paper for maximum popping! Rifle through your stash and quickly sort and find what weights, patterns and styles are BEST to get maximum POP! 

Build Up Your Repertoire

Detailed, easy-to-follow videos walk you through 3 unique pop up styles so you can master them immediately. Plus get a bonus tutorial idea for a totally different popup when you register during the Early Bird period!

What does your class include? 

‚ąö lifetime access to my virtual class site (value $15)

‚ąö unlimited viewing of detailed card instructional videos (value $25)

‚ąö downloadable written Imperial & metric supplies & measurements photo tutorial (value $15)

TOTAL Value: $55

Your price: $55 Just $27

plus your 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee

CLASS WILL BE AVAILABLE Friday, April 5th at 6 pm MT.

Don’t miss out on your chance to nail thos popup cards!

Finally get the hang of popups and grin a huge “I did it” grin the first time you make them!

A couple more questions answered for you…

When is the class?

I pre-record all my online classes and post them so they’re convenient and accessible for you. You can watch them anytime that works for you! And you have lifetime access so you can do the class as soon as it launches, in a few weeks or again next year!

Class is AVAILABLE April 5th at 6 pm mountain time! When you register, I’ll send you an email to get your account signed up, and I’ll send you another email when the class is ready for viewing. Then you can start to create with me!

How long is the class?

Your class will be just like being with me in the same room! Altogether we’ll spend just over an hour and a half¬†together. You’ll find I’ve broken each card into its own pre-recorded video so you can take it in manageable chunks.

I suggest you watch the videos first to get an idea of the techniques and the steps involved. Then cut up your supplies and follow along with the videos again to make them yourself.

You can stop and start the recording as many times as you need to.  The supplies and measurements written tutorial pdf gives you the exact cuts to make so you can start creating immediately.

Do I need special supplies?

Like all my classes, each one of these cards can be made with regular stamping supplies you may already have.

You will need some patterned papers with coordinating dye ink pads (Stampin’ Up! Classic Ink pads) and cardstock, a few of your favourite stamps and punches or dies and a few ¬†of your favourite embellishments.

Change up the cards with different colours, dies and greetings for UNLIMITED of creative options!

I provide all the Stampin’ Up! product numbers, so if you’d rather use what I have, I’ve listed everything in my written tutorial to make it easy.¬† If you live in Canada and don’t have a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, you can click on my 24-7 online supply shop here to order them and have them arrive on your doorstep in about a week!

Can I pay another way besides PayPal?

Yes, if you would rather not use PayPal, there are two ways to make your payment.

1) if you live in Canada you can pay with an etransfer to jo@designwithjo.ca. When you’ve decided this class is for you, email me your payment in this way. Then I’ll reply to you with an email and include the link to get set up on my class site. Although I attempt to provide almost immediate service, please give 24 hours to receive a notice when you make payment via etransfer. Then allow 24 hours for class access.

2) I can create an invoice through PayPal you can pay with a credit card. Email me at jo@designwithjo.ca to request this and provide your email address. Please allow 24 hours for class access.

Having YOU make fabulous cards in a fun and stress-free learning environment is my passion!

Come enjoy creating with confidence!