Today’s quick video tip is a quick and easy way to straighten ribbon!

You know how sometimes your ribbon gets all kinked up because it accidentally “fell off” that little round wheel it comes packaged on?

Or maybe you didn’t even get it that way, but a friend gave you a length to try it out?

Perhaps it got tucked into a clear glass jar and got smushed with all the other beautiful coloured ribbons?

No matter how it happened, when your ribbon doesn’t lie flat and pretty anymore, it’s a bit of an eyesore!

So let’s find out how to turn back the clock to when it was nice and flat and looked beautiful for a bow!

Quick and Easy Way to Straighten Ribbon

Why I Love Ribbon!

I know you might shy away from using ribbon on your cards.

You. might think it’s too bulky.

And yes, if you happen to have ribbon from several years ago, it definitely could be too bulky and end up costing you extra postage.

But ribbons designed for card making today are soooo much better!

They’re soft and flat, even when you do tie a bow like this pretty one!

And the great news is you don’t need to tie a bow on your card!

Here are a couple other ideas for adding ribbon with not a bow in sight!

  • run it from one side to the other of your card panel securing it in the back – this option lays flat and is so easy to add some extra pizzazz (I’ve got three separate options for you to see this in action on how to layer for stunning cards)
  • tie it in a knot and do the same thing – run it from one side to the other of your card panel securing it in the back. (You can see just how beautiful this can be when you hand make a sympathy card)
  • lay it on your card and tie a little linen thread around it – this is such a fun way to fancy up handmade cards with a ribbon decoration

Quick and Easy Way to Straighten Ribbon

A simple click on the triangle will show you how to get the kinks out of your ribbons.

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