Today’s JO-Tips video to help you keep track of your paper crafting supplies is a quick tip for embellishments!

We crafters LOVE embellishments!

They’re the unsung heroes of the crafting world, adding a touch of magic and individuality to every project.

I bet you pull out your selection of embellishments for every card you make right?

But do you ever curse that irritating little acetate sheet they’re affixed to?

I know there’s a good reason for them not to be attached (like they used to). It’s so you can place the entire sheet over your finished card to decide whether you like the embellishment or the placement.

But let’s face it.

That slippery little piece can be annoying!I

Here’s a super quick and easy fix to that.

Quick Tip for Your Embellishments

Why We Love Embellishments

Now let’s explore the reasons why embellishments on handmade cards are not just appreciated but absolutely adored!

Unmatched Personalization

You’re totally in control of each embellishment to make every card a unique piece of art and allowing for a level of thoughtfulness that simply cannot be replicated with those store-bought alternatives.

Expressing Creativity

Experiment with the huge variety of materials, colours, and textures to create a design to reflect YOUR unique style and art. From rhinestones to sequins, pearls to epoxy shapes, metal trinkets to ribbons and bows, you can “go big or go home” or keep things understated.

I always think it’s amazing how just one tiny little dot added in the perfect spot is all you need to make your project exquisite!

Clean and Simple 2 Step Card Making

Labour of Love

You invest time, energy, and passion into every detail, resulting in a final card design that radiates warmth and sincerity. This personal touch adds sentimental value to the card, making it more than just a piece of stationery.

I’m not sure I ever don’t have at least one embellishment on my cards.

How about you?

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Quick Tip for Embellishments

A simple click on the triangle will show you what I do to stop those embellishments from sliding around!

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