Today’s JO-Tips video is a quick tutorial on quick tip for Everyday Details dies!

Do you LOVE vellum cardstock but never heat emboss it? Because it gets all wrinkled up and doesn’t look very pretty, doesn’t it?

In today’s JO-Tips video, learn the secrets to have it stay nice and flat so it makes your cards stunning!

It’s easier than you think!!

how to heat emboss vellum cardstock

Stamping and then heat embossing vellum is one of my favourite techniques. And it’s many of my customers too.

In fact my very first live video (with its little oops and glitches 😳) still is one of my most popular videos. It shows how to heat emboss a Christmas card using vellum. Take a peek.

Your Tools Make the Difference

Just like in baking and cooking, having the right tools for paper crafting really does make the difference.

The difference between so-so cards and over-the-top stupendous cards!

In this case, the type of vellum you use, and your heat tool could be the culprit to wrinkly old results.

A word of caution for the vellum cardstock. Much to my dismay, Stampin’ Up! has put it on the Last Chance List! We don’t know if it will be coming back into the Online Exclusives or not at this point. I sure hope so as it’s one of my go-to supplies!

So if you have never tried it before and love the look of it, make sure to grab a package before it sells out!

But the good news is, it’s an easy fix! Let’s see.

Quick Tip for Everyday Details Dies

This was the card we created together in this live crafting class! You can see it and get the measurements to make it by clicking the photo.

Card Layout You'll Love

JO-Tip Videos Save You Time and Frustration

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I first started creating these short little JO-Tips videos because I often had customers asking me how-to questions. Things that had been aggravating for them. Or costly. Things like:

Now while these are my most recent JO-Tips, you’ll for sure find I’ve likely covered other paper crafting tips you NEED to know. There are 75 to choose from!

Check to see if there’s another one or two that will save you time, frustration and money!

If tips like these make your paper crafting easier, please be sure to check back often as I share lots of these tips.

But now you know quick tip for Everyday Details dies, go grab yourself some fun in your craft area and design up a fun card like this one!