I’ve had a couple questions from folks like this: “should you or should you not layer on handmade cards?” And you know, this is an unexpectedly hard question!

But I’ve tried to give you some thoughts below about when might be the best time…and the worst time to layer when you’re crafting up your own designs! Plus some tips to make your layers dance!

My Christmas design is one with a few different layers.

Should You or Should You Not Layer on Handmade Cards
Layer up a lovely Christmas card with pretty papers and die cuts

Don’t you love that iridescent snowflake? You can see just a glimpse of how it picks up purples, pinks, greens and glues. It’s spectaclular in person.

And what’s even better? They come pre-made! You just need to pop them out and glue them down! Easy peasey!

But before we get to more info on the card, let me take a shot at trying to answer that question for you.

Should You or Should You Not Layer on Handmade Cards?

Card makers, I suspect, are going to have wildly different opinions on this question! And it can certainly come down to personal choice. But here are my thoughts.

Worst Time to Layer

Don’t be quite so gung-ho to add loads of layers to your cards. It’s easy to overdo it – super FAST! (See my TIPS below.)

For instance if you’re a beginner card maker, I might leave out layering on your cards.

Why? So you…

  • can get instant gratification with simple uncluttered cards,
  • learn how to put together cards in a pleasing way (let’s call this Card Making 101 🤗!)
  • really get a great understanding of your card making tools, and
  • save money on additional supplies!

Take a peek at how to craft a simple fall card in minutes to get an idea of how fabulous a one layer design can be!

Once you’ve figured out your own personal “style”, then you might think about layering up.

Best Time to Layer

Once you’ve mastered Card Making 101, and you’re happy with your simple designs, now it’s time to consider adding some layers.

Layering on cards is a bit like layering clothing if you’re headed out into cold, snowy weather. Lots of little layers that combine for toasty warmth.

Should You or Should You Not Layer on Handmade Cards
Think subtle layers of different textures and weights for cards

4 Tips to Make Your Layers Dance

  1. Add layers, not bulk. In order to save on postage, think about thinner layers. It’s amazing how quickly your card can tip the postage meter into the next stamp zone! This card has a super light mesh trim and the snowflake diecut which are both quite light. They add to the design without adding lots more weight and bulk.
  2. Overlap layers. Half the attraction of a layered card is just catching a glimpse of “something”. It immediately draws the eye and your friend or family member just wants to lean in and look more closely at your masterpiece! In my card, the mesh ribbon again is quite wide, but we only see about 1/4″ of it here. And the snowflake is only half showing but you know exactly what it looks like underneath the label.
  3. Coordinate your layers. Keep within a certain colour family. Or theme. Or combine like embellishments. For example, you probably wouldn’t want to ix up paisley patterned paper with a gingham ribbon. It just takes away from the whole cohesive package.
  4. Don’t overdo it! Less really IS more! Each layer should add to the overall effect, not make your card too busy. Rule of thumb: If in doubt, leave it out!

My design features the Wintry 3D embossing folder on the Silver Specialty foil paper. Because this IS a bit of a busy pattern, I only wanted one simple but stunning Wonderful Snowflake and tucked it in behind the label. And speaking of the label, that lovely detail and holes let the paper peek through and fits the greeting wonderfully.

Here is everything I used – make a simple click on this list so you can print, pin or order from. Thank you so much both for taking a peek at this post, and also for ordering your Stampin’ Up! supplies from me!

The next time someone asks you (or you ask yourself) should you or should you not layer on handmade cards, come back and take a peek here so you’ll have some tips for an amazing card – layered or not!