Want to know a super simple trick for tiny paper and a paper punch? If you’ve ever had your stamped scrap of paper get lost inside your paper punch, you’ll love my latest JO-Tips video!

Another Paper Crafting Woe!

I’m sure you’ve done it just like I did in that Facebook Live I did a couple weeks ago. Pulled out a scrap of Basic White, stamped your greeting, then realized how hard it was to punch it out!


Because your paper is smaller than the width of the punch!

Simple Trick for Tiny Paper and a Paper Punch

Don’t waste more paper! There’s a simple solution!

After that Facebook live, I had some folks comment how they’d forgotten this little trick but how handy it is. So I pulled it out from the replay to save as a separate JO-Tips video for you!

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Simple Trick for Tiny Paper and a Paper Punch

Click the triangle to find out how a simple supply item you have around the house can give you a hand when this happens to you.

Easy peasey right?

Have You Had Other Frustrating Things Happen While Crafting?

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Hope This Trick Helped!

Next time you’re smack dab in the middle of crafting a gorgeous design…only to have picked up a tiny scrap of paper for your greeting, before you grab another – larger – scrap and stamp that greeting again, give this tip a try first.

I’m going to leave you with a look at the cuteness we made in that live recording.

Quick and Easy Treat Box to Make with Paper

This quick and easy treat box to make with paper has been a hit so far! I think mostly because of the adorable owl, but also because it’s so easy to make!

I hope you keep this simple trick for tiny paper and a paper punch in mind when you’re designing up a storm – and I hope it saves you some time, and does away with some wasted paper woes!