Today I’m sharing some of my best Simply Shammy tips for using with your rubber stamps and ink. Learn why you need one of these pink sponge tools in your stamping kit!

Maybe you’ve seen some of us Stampin’ Up! demonstrators using this pink rectangle when we’re rubber stamping?

VIDEO Simply Shammy Tips
What is a Simply Shammy?

The bright pink top one is brand new and ready to go!

But you might wonder about the one underneath. It’s awfully dark and grimy!

Is it still good? Do they wear out? How can I clean them back to that bright pink again?

What exactly do they do? Can I use it on all my stamps? Do I even need one of these things?

Let’s take a peek at my latest JO-tips video so you can get some answers for keeping all your stamps squeaky clean!

Simply Shammy Tips

Click the triangle to see this short video now!

In the video I tell you why I cut my Simply Shammy in half like this. Maybe it’s something you might like to do too.

VIDEO Simply Shammy Tips
Why I cut My Simply Shammy in half like this!

I hope you can see how this simple tool is a must have in your craft room. Order yours here!

More Paper Crafting Tips for You!

I have a whole string of other JO-Tips videos to give you some tricks of the paper crafting and rubber stamping trade!

Here’s another you might like about cleaning your acrylic blocks and scissors. Or this one about which black stamp pad to use when!

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Happy Stamping…and Cleaning!

Did you get a chance to take a peek at the video? Thanks for watching!

Be sure to share your Simply Shammy tips with your friends so they can also have squeaky clean stamps for fabulous card making!

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