Have you ever used Stampin Write brush marker letters on watercolour cards? They are easy and fun and a knock-out way to share your greetings with others.

Never tried to brush marker letter before? I can teach you with my online class! Click here for more details!

So how about we take a peek at all my cards today so you can see their simplicity?

A wonderfully bold greeting on a wash of colour. Sometimes subtle colour, sometimes a bit more vibrant. Then each is simply layered onto your folded card base – with or without another colour panel.

I know you’re thinking, “I could never do that”!

Let me say I’ve heard all the reasons why YOU can’t learn this fun and trendy lettering. Now that’s out of the way, let’s chat a bit about why I KNOW you can!

Stampin Write Brush Marker Letters

My Handwriting is Awful

Learning to letter with a brush marker is not one bit like your own handwriting. Each letter is made up of strokes that I show you step-by-step how to create. I share why I think beginners can have immediate success using a Stampin’ Write marker

I show you how to hold the pen, how to hold your hand and fully explain how to move and hold your arm so you’ll be successful from the beginning. And I go through each and every letter talking you through how to make it on your own.

In fact, lots of folks who don’t like to use their own handwriting or printing LOVE to make brush marker letters like this!

ONLINE CLASS for Stampin Write Brush Marker Letters on Watercolour Cards Is EASIER Than You Think!

I Don’t Have the Time

Well, we all know this excuse doesn’t really apply right now during Coronavirus isolation and lockdown periods right?😉

And you know what? It doesn’t take THAT much time to learn. In my in-person classes, my participants only spend 2 1/2 hours learning and are fully ready to go home to play and refine. Everyone is making words in as little time as a half an hour.

With my online classes, I’m actually right with you every step of the way. You learn at your own pace. Plus you can go back to the class videos as many times as you want to pick up a particular stroke for a refresher!

And as a BONUS, I throw in lots of words with my class pdfs you can copy!

Yes, there is practice involved 🧐. But I’ll bet it’s not nearly as much as you’re thinking!

YES, You Can Learn to Use Stampin Write Brush Marker Letters on Watercolour Cards in My Online Class

I Have a Stamp for That

Yes it’s true there are thousands of stamps available to add to your cards. (And I do love when you order them through me 😊.)

However I don’t know about you, but this happens to me all the time. I can never seem to locate one that says exactly what I want it to say. In exactly the right font, the right size or the right “feel” for my project!

Plus, what if you’re a journaller? Or a scrapbooker? Or you just want to make a sign for someone? Sometimes our stamps are just too small!

That’s when I pull out my Stampin Write brush markers and say whatever I want. Like on these bookmarks and envelopes, probably my most FAVOURITE way to use my brush letters.

Once you’ve mastered the basic lowercase, these letters are easy to jazz up a bit like on this sympathy card.

Learn Online How To Use Stampin Write Brush Marker Letters on Watercolour Cards in my Online Class

There’s No Time Like the Present

So are you ready to give this lettering a try? Just click here to get all the details for how you can start lettering RIGHT NOW!

Now On To Those Stampin Write Brush Marker Letter Backgrounds…

So what do you think I used for the backgrounds?

  1. Ink refills like I used in this sweet card the other day?
  2. Stampin’ Write markers like you see in these poppies?
  3. Watercolour pencils like this bold design?

If you guessed number 2, you’d be right!

Isn’t it great? You get DOUBLE the FUN! Not only can you use your Stampin’ Write markers for lettering, they will also create totally amazing backgrounds! Ones that are totally coordinated with your Stampin’ Up! cardstock.

Now It’s Your Turn!

If you’ve been holding off learning to brush marker letter, NOW is your time! Grab a couple (or more) of your Stampin Write markers, get my totally DO-ABLE online class, and let’s get started!

And as always, if there are supplies you need for today’s project, add them to your own stash by clicking on any of them here. Thank You!

Stampin Write Brush Marker Letters on Watercolour Cards

Let’s See Your Letters

I’d love to see the brush marker letters you create! I’ll be you have your own unique style! Send them along to me at [email protected].

LEARN to Make Stampin Write Brush Marker Letters on Watercolour Cards for Wonderful Greetings

Get your class, then be sure to also use your Stampin Write brush marker letters on watercolour cards for personalized greetings everyone will LOVE!

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