Want to know why I have the best heat embossing tool on the market?  I’ll tell you exactly why I feel the one I’ve been using from Stampin’ Up! is one you’re going to want in your own craft room!

Take a peek at how you can create awesome Christmas designs like this one.

Why I Have the Best Heat Embossing Tool

Remember when you first saw rubber stamping? 

Cool you could make your own cards? Yes.  Fun? Definitely.  Pretty? Certainly.  

But when you saw heat embossing for the first time, wasn’t it almost a life-changing moment?  Just a couple simple steps to such gorgeous shine and sheen.

  1. Stamp your image with ink – the stickier the better, which is why I often reach for my Versamark pad.  Then you’ll see a bit of a “shadowy” image on your paper.
  2. Sprinkle the embossing powder on top.
  3. Tap off the excess powder onto a sheet of bond paper and put back into bottle.  It should only be sticking to your image.  (I’ve got a great TIP below for you on this.)
  4. Heat with a heat tool.
  5. Then watch those simple little pieces of plastic melt into a glossy shiny finish.

So, I haven’t told you why I have the best heat embossing tool yet have I?  Let’s dive into the card so I can ask you some questions and then I’ll spill the beans 😋.


Why I Have the Best Heat Embossing Tool


I’ve used two different embossing techniques on this sparkly card.  How about we talk about the cute Christmas bulbs first?


Let me Share Why I Have the Best Heat Embossing Tool

I stamped on vellum cardstock for my string of light bulbs.   You know how our regular cardstock is absorbent?  Usually I love how quickly it helps our Classic inks dry.

But today I didn’t want my ink to dry fast. So today I knew vellum was my paper!  That’s because ink doesn’t dry immediately on its slightly “plastic-y” surface. So you have enough time to sprinkle on embossing powder and it will stick.

Now here’s where the heat tool magic happens.

Stampin’ Up!’s heat tool has two settings. A LOW heat and a HIGH heat.  Other heat tools have only one setting, HIGH!  (And sometimes that’s VERY HIGH!) 

Pssst…you may have tried your blow dryer to make the magic happen right? 

So here comes your first question.  Did your tiny plastic pieces all blow off?  Yup, the dryer just BLOWS first and heats second.  We’re just interested in the HEAT to melt our powder.

Second question.  Have you tried heat embossing vellum before?  Did you end up with a warped and wiggly piece of vellum that wouldn’t lie flat?  THAT doesn’t happen with the LOW heat setting of Stampin’ Up!’s heat tool.

Third question.  Have you tried embossing with a heat tool and you burnt the paper?  With a LOW heat setting it’s MUCH harder to accomplish this pyromanical feat. You can even use the LOW heat setting on acetate or our patterned papers and you’ll just see gorgeous melted powder.  Not a crisp sepia-toned mess.

I do have to admit, I’m sometimes not the most patient stamper.  But the little extra time it takes to melt the powder on my vellum with the LOW setting is WAY shorter than having to cut another piece of paper, re-stamp my image, then re-sprinkle and re-emboss my image.  (And yes, unfortunately that is the voice of experience! 😬)

Let’s talk about the second embossing technique.  Straight up embossing for this one.


Why I have the BEST Heat Embossing tool

I LUVH the crisp white embossed words against the dark black cardstock.  It’s so dramatic.

I used a Versamark pad for the greeting then sprinkled it with white embossing powder and heated it on the HIGH setting.

TIME – and SANITY saving TIP:  Get yourself an embossing buddy.  Super inexpensive and a MUST HAVE in any rubber stamper’s stash.  And if you like embossing on vellum or dark papers, it’s a life saver! When you swipe it onto your paper BEFORE you stamp, it keeps all those stray little specks of powder from sticking where they shouldn’t.  The result?  Crisp words and edges and a polished finish. And the sanity saving part?  No incessant brushing off of the specks with a paint brush. That seem to re-appear anyway!

And this week might just be THE perfect time to invest in a new heat tool.  Take a look at my Steal of a Deal.


So how about a couple other design details?

Know Why I Have the Best Heat Embossing Tool?

  • Use a glue dot on the four corners of your vellum like I did in this video then hide them with your clear epoxy droplets.
  • Layer, layer layer!  Layer your bulb square onto Whisper White then onto silver glimmer paper for a gorgeous bit of bling.  Do the same for your Basic Black panel.  It’ll just POP off the card!
  • Add your tied Real Red bow with a glue dot to the top left to add some extra pizzazz.

Now do you see why I have the best heat embossing tool?  Get one for yourself!

Want to Know Why I Have the Best Heat Embossing Tool

Now I know you’re going to want to pull out your embossing powders and heat tool and get melting up a storm for the holiday season. 

So be sure to check back later this week.  I’m featuring embossing powders all week.  And you’ll be able to see even more why I have the best heat embossing tool on the market – and why you’ll want to add one to your own stamping supplies.   


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