It’s time for my third video on the Stamparatus: why I have the best stamp positioner available!  If you haven’t heard about the Stampin’ Up!’s Stamparatus by now, I kid you not, it will change the way you stamp!  It’s available to order again on June 1st and I predict it’s going to be high on your list of must-haves! 

Here’s the card I show you exactly how I made in minutes with perfect alignment.

why I have the best stamp positioner available

You might remember I’ve been planning all along for a four-part video series, and this one makes number three.  But I just might need to stretch it out as I’m finding new ways to play with this awesome tool.  Keep checking back to see them here.   

But what’s up for today? I’m going to show you how you can get perfectly spaced, perfectly placed, alignment with multiple image stamping.  It’s completely different from my first video showing you how to get an exact placement with your two step stamps.  Didn’t see it?  Check it out here.

And in case you think it’s going to be much the same as my last video for creating multiple stamped images quickly and easily, think again!  This video showcases something no other stamp positioner can do – hinged step stamping.  But enough “talking”.  Let’s take a peek.

The Stamparatus: Why I have the Best Stamp Positioner Available

Now I realize that’s a pretty assertive statement.  After all, there are a few darn good stamp positioners out there and you might even have one yourself (like me😙).  But as I shared here there is currently NONE that will do alll THIS!

  • Hinged plates to repeat images down or across quickly and easily – if you skipped over the video, head back up and take a peek – this feature is so COOL and you’ll save tons of paper from thrown out mis-stamped images
  • Two reversible stamping plates (so FOUR sides to affix stamps on to build up your image) – just think how quickly you’ll be able to put together a two and three-step card with all kinds of images!
  • Removable plates (2) rather than just a permanently attached one – so you can use only one, or two together and they come out for storage so there’s no danger of damaging them
  • Etched grid marks on each plate – that makes it so easy to line up your stamps
  • Strong magnetic base with 1/4” grid marks to get perfect placement in a snap
  • Separate foam insert to cushion your photopolymer stamps so they stamp great
  • Two of four edges open to fit larger papers to stamp on – if you like larger sheets for scrapbooking like 12” x 12” or 4 1/4” x 11” cards, they fit out the bottom or side edge!
  • Rulers on two edges for quick measuring – so you know exactly where your cardstock and image placement is
  • Two bar magnets – that store out of the way when not in use – heavy duty for all your needs – and you don’t need to use them all the time either, just like in today’s video

why I have the best stamp positioner available

How about a couple other ideas?

As I showed in the video, I played around with a few more ideas using the Wood Words stamp set since they’re super to create repetitive images, not to mention fun.  Here they are for a closer peek.


why I have the best stamp positioner available


I stamped all the yellow stars first by moving my hinge down TWO hinges.  Then I cleaned the stamp off and inked it with Memento ink and stamped in between.  Perfect alignment!


why I have the best stamp positioner available


This time I positioned the heart on its side and hinge-step stamped it five times.  This way I could make a landscape-style card.

You can order the Stamparatus on June 1st!  And in the meantime, check out your stamps that will work for hinge-step stamping so you’re ready to get busy when you get yours. 

All the supplies I used to create these simple, effective designs are right here.  And when you order online with me, you get a special bonus I mail out.  This month, it’ a Silicone Craft Sheet absolutely FREE with an $85 order when you use this hostess code: MEF3FA79. 

Who doesn’t LOVE FREE?

why I have the best stamp positioner available

I’m having a ton of fun playing with my Stamparatus and learning about how YOU”LL be able to get the most out of it.  Here is another idea-provoking thought you might like.

Keep your eyes peeled here for my next video featuring the Stamparatus.  It’s coming soon!

We’ll be playing with this awesome tool in my Open House next week.  Then you’ll see exactly why I have the best stamp positioner available – and that’s not just blowing smoke up your skirt!  




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