Want some easy tips to dry emboss die cuts? If you’ve never tried this technique before you’ll be amazed how it immediately makes your cards POP!

Plus it’s just one more way you can get more life from your card making supplies!

And who doesn’t want that?

But first, here’s our pretty design for today, complete with a cool colour combo!

Tips to Dry Emboss Die Cuts
Create a POP of colour with cardstock and embossed diecuts on a handmade card

It’s hard to miss this Melon Mambo and Pretty Peacock thank you card. For a few different reasons.

Just the colour combo itself is a bit unusual.

Plus it’s a super easy fun fold design.

Then, the diecuts are embossed AND DEbossed, for an extra special invite that says “touch me!”

Where Can You See This?

When I prepare for my Facebook Live crafting classes, I usually make at least one or two samples. This Cheerful Daisy card was a sample too.

So if you love this technique and you’d like to see exactly how to dry emboss die cuts for outstanding cards, you can see a live Facebook replay right here!

Tips to Dry Emboss Die Cuts

Now you see how fab these die cuts are, here are a few tips for you to keep in mind as you’re trying it on your next card.

1.Pick the Right Die Cuts (so you can SEE the embossing)

If your die cuts are too small, the texture of the dry embossing just won’t show up. Similarly, if the dies are too thin or detailed (like you can see on this card) the dry embossing will be lost and you’ll have wasted your time.

Instead, use die shapes that are 1/2″ in diameter to 4″ or so. You’ll be pleased with the ample space to show off the texture of your favourite embossing folder.

2. Select a Great Embossing Folder (to complement and invite people to touch!)

Unfortunately not every embossing folder is going to give you fantastic results. Look for ones with a closer-knit texture, not an open one. You’ll be rewarded with a shape everyone’s going to want to reach out and feel!

Tips to Dry Emboss Die Cuts
Add even more interest with textured paper flowers!

3. Use Both Sides (because they’re gonna want to know how you did THAT!)

The best part about dry embossing is you really get a 2 for 1 result.

Most often the front (embossed) side will look different from the back (debossed) side. It will usually look indented where the front will be bumpy.

What better way to get your card recipient to really interact with your card? They’re going to want to FEEL the difference!

4. CAUTION: Less is more!

But a word of caution. Resist the urge to emboss everything in sight!

If you do, it will actually DEtract from how great your card is.

Just a few well-placed embossed dies is all it takes for a standout design.

To help you create your own cards using some of these tips, here are all the supplies I used for this card – click on this list that you can print, pin or order from. I really appreciate you ordering with me and supporting my Design with Jo business.

Have Fun Playing!

Pull out some embossing folders and some of your die cuts, the ones you love the best.

Cut them out i different colours then throw them inside your folder and run them through your die cutter. You’ll be amazed how much personality and texture they’ll have!

Timesaving TIP: You can get as many dies as will fit in the embossing folder at one time and lie flat. They’ll al loo just a little bit unique from being place in. a different spot on the texture.

Another bonus tip? Pop up some of your dies with dimensionals but leave some of them relatively “flat”, adhering them with liquid glue.

Plus, you’ll have a ball just being creative and trying something new!

Please be sure to drop by soon and play some more with me and my paper crafting ideas.

And in the meantime, make sure to use these tips to dry emboss die cuts…have fun playing!